So what does pizza have to do with making money if your not selling it?

Not your first question? I get that.

The math. Right? How much?

The combination of Pizza, Napoleon Hill & Friends created a business within 12 months that did over 10 million dollars in sales. For you MLM skeptics, we got paid on every single sale, not just a portion.

Let’s turn the clock back to 2004.

Join a company that seemed, and was, upper end.
Well capitalized.
Experienced management.
Outstanding customer service.
They checked out.

Tried the product for a couple of months, liked it.

Decided to go for it.


I was earning large residuals with another company. Binary. Ut-oh. No beef with binaries but like all networking companies when you start doing something else your paycheck becomes vulnerable. Even talking to your personals quickly raises a yellow flag. It quickly turns red and bye-bye paycheck. [Let’s not kid ourselves, we are NOT independent contractors except when it is to their advantage….this is another blog altogether].

Bottom line is I can’t promote myself online and I can’t talk to any networkers.

There was the online lead programs. Puh-leeze.

Are some of them trying hard to supply decent product? Yup.
Does it duplicate? Nope.
Calling leads is a good arrow in the quiver of experienced archers but inexperienced folks lose money fast, this we all know.

I learned a long time ago you gotta put things in play that duplicate easily and dialing for dollars just does not.

And, the truth is I had already evolved to the point in my development whereby I knew ‘find the right people‘ is a load of crap, they’re everywhere.

Everyone wants more money, time and less taxes…’s not now, nor has it ever been about 1000s of leads….it’s about skills.

So, as usual, I go to Think and Grow Rich. Read about Organized Planning, again.
Dust off some old tickler lists.
Call friends and family, wifey does the same.
No, not about the business.
Invite them over for Pizza and salad.
Buy a $25 gift certificate.
Local Italian eats.

Invited 13, 11 show up. One wife & hubby can’t come.

I tell them I’ve started a new business.
I read my dreams and goals to them.
Tell them I know you want to support me in this.
Tell them don’t want them to join or buy anything.
Need them to help me build a list.
We make it a contest…of names and association.
Yeah, like …..I say Real Estate Broker….how many different businesses can you think of associated with Real Estate.

We dramatically expand the tickler list.
We go back over it while serving up the salad.
This time looking for names that match.
We get a name like Robert Pike from someone. Association again. Anyone here know someone else named Robert? Bob? Roberta? etc….

Winner is the one with most associations and names. Get extra point if they have the number.
Kids, 17, 15, 13 year old daughters incredible at all of it.
Winner gets the food certificate.

We get 388 names and had all the numbers within 48 hours.

Hill talks about OPM…, not other people’s money…..other people’s minds.

Within 12 months we are blessed to climb into the top 100 earners with a company of over 1,000,000 reps from that list of 388.


OPM. I used someone else’s mind to learn how to get 94& of the people to take a look with zero resistence.

Maybe this will make you a lot of money and maybe it won’t but let me coax you to start on a free list and learn what to say and do before you throw money at leads.


If friends and relatives don’t like what you have to say strangers aren’t going to like it any better either.

Why not find out if what you are saying works FIRST……..and, you might find you never have to spend a dime.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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