With all the excerpts from speeches you’ve memorized and repeated over and over to yourself and your organization about persistence, I know I am on thin ice with you already…….but are you married to the RESULTS you are getting or are you somewhat open-minded?

The speeches about determination, hanging in there, amazing achievement is the face of adversity are irrelevant…..If we think those pithy statements have anything at all to do with persistence we end up road kill.

Think about this…..of all the pep talks you given or have been given to you…..have they really made a difference?

Most people don’t understand persistence and when we hear those stories they touch our heart….but be honest.

How many have you heard?




Did they really make a difference? Do you and all the other people go home and build a business?

And the following year…..when you went back to convention, were there 10 times as many people in the upper teir of pin level achievement?

As my friend Tom ‘Big Al’ likes to say, ” Are we teaching persistence or stupidity?”

Hanging in there and not quitting don’t have a damn thing to do with persistence or success. Persistence is a habit, comprised of four smaller habits.

Doing the same thing over and over and getting poor results …..but hanging in there ……is not persistence…..and teaching people to hang in there with things that do not work is poor direction.

I said all those stupid things like:

  1. Every ‘no’ gets you closer to a yes.
  2. Whoever hears the most ‘no’s; wins
  3. It’s a numbers game
  4. The only difference between you and top earners is they have heard more ‘no’s’
  5. You got 3 ‘no’s’ ?  Go get 100 more.

Look, I meant well when I said them.
Your upline means well when they say them to you
And you mean well when you say them

Good intention, terrible direction.

We all have our favorites……you know…..”you gotta have the eye of the tiger” ….and …”the heart of a lion”…..

Dead animal body parts won’t build your business and a lack of common sense will impede us from finding solutions to the massive amount of rejection unskilled network marketers suffer.

Most people don’t like rejection. The rest of us hate it.

Show me someone who says they like making calls, rejection doesn’t bother them and I’ll show you someone who does not make prospecting calls.

What do I mean by common sense?

Everybody knows that every person they know would like more money.
And to pay less in taxes.
And have more time.

If everybody wants those things, why do they say ‘no’?

Well, the first thing that happens is we buy the big lie…..we think and believe it has something to do with the prospect.

We tell others and convince ourselves “We just have to find the right people.”

“Finding the right people” is the biggest lie in network marketing.

This becomes our strategy ….the ‘finding the right people’ strategy  and ignoring the obvious…..everyone wanting more money, less taxes and more time is a continuous blood bath, most people quit. Then, to make matters worse, we say bad things about the ones that quit….no heart, excuse makers, did not follow the system, yada, yada, yada….. hmmmmm

A strategy based on a lie is doomed…..so we break out the ‘don’t quit’ arsenal. Thinking we are teaching persistence. We are not.

Persistence is, as defined in Think and Grow Rich



3. A MIND CLOSED TIGHTLY AGAINST ALL NEGATIVE AND DISCOURAGING INFLUENCES, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.


You can get the details free here…..the book is in public domain.

It’s my experience that most people cannot recite their goal statement making a ‘burning desire’ impossible.
They do not have a well defined weekly nor daily plan of action.

The rare few that take the time to read this all-you’ll-ever-need masterpiece will have discovered, way before the persistence chapter, the chapter on ‘Specialized Knowledge.”

In that chapter, the person with a burning desire, cannot help but come to the obvious conclusion that they need some skills.

Skills, executed continuously [point 2 in developing persistence] make lots of money.

The authentic student quickly understands that this is a teaching business and they cannot teach what they do not know.  When we sponsor someone, I believe you would agree, we go ‘in’ through their dream-chamber.  We tell them they can have more of what they want and less of what they do not want.

After they join, telling them the just have to find the right people is a disservice.

There are only two types of reps in network marketing…..

The type of rep who tells people to keep using what does not work and to hang in there

And the type of rep who realizes this is a skill based business then learns and teaches those skills.

#1 Skill?  How to get a yes 90+% of the time to reviewing information.

If everyone wants more time & money and less taxes…..shouldn’t it be easy to get them to look?

If you don’t agree, you can always go with the eye-of-the-tiger, heart-of-a-loin nonsense speeches……

or….the equally famous [and dumb]…..behold-the-turtle-who-makes-no-progress- till he sticks his neck out mantra…………but remember, you’ll have to keep re-attaching  their head with speeches and books and CDs…..wouldn’t it just be easier to teach them how to get people to say ‘yes’ ?   Just asking.

Me?  I like option 2…….I like showing people how to get positive results virtually every time they open their mouth.

We all know that when people make a list they leave off hundreds and hundreds of people who they have not talked to in 10, 20 ….even 40 years.

This shortens the list.  Why do they leave them off?

Simple, they don’t know what to say to them…..the feel uncomfortable talking to them, you know, bringing up the business.

It’s a gold mine.

Here’s how…..to get 90+% to say yes….and have fun doing it.

I don’t know about you but is seems easier to teach them this than to suffer with them and for them when they have a short and shrinking list….

Skills, not speeches


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • hey Mark good stuff your right its not professional its actually insulting our industry to tell people to persist without giving them tools and mentoring its really no differrent to a sports person who keep practicing a bad mave by repeating the move and not getting any coaching. love you video
    than you

  • thanks for stopping by…..I agree with you 100% about professionalism

    we are going in thru the prospects ‘dream chamber’ and we have a responsibilty to be able to get them what they want if we inspire them to dream…

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