So we got the two key points of the first riddle.

1. Ask an expert
2. Make sure the expert has actually done what they say they have done.

That takes care of ‘what to do’ on a daily basis to build your business  for free.

But, others get the same information and don’t succeed.


It is the second riddle where the answer is found.   I am not certain it qualifies as a riddle but it seemed that way to me.  It’s really more like a paradox.  No matter.

I was told I would never have authentic success, in all areas of life, until I could understand how the following two statements were saying exactly the same thing.

Nothing can permanently deny its own true nature” Emerson

You must become the change that you seek” Gandhi

The advice was dead-on-center, and the promised pay-off, riches in all areas of my life was also spot on. This one took me 10 years or more to get but it’s because I was operating in self-centered fear. More interesting is the release from self-centered fear is also within the paradox.

So, how are they the same?

Gandhi first.

Let’s talk about a mantra we’ve all heard and said, “For things to change, I [you] have to change and for things to ge better, I [you] have to get better.”

We all know if we want different things we gotta do different things. For all of us, that means change so the mantra makes sense. We must change.

Becoming the ‘change that we seek‘ sounds really cool but if nothing can deny it’s true own nature, how is that possible?

Simple. So simple that most of us never get it.

We were all made first class by First Class and we are entitled to go first class if we do one thing. Not three things, not ten things….just one thing. Reneder first class service to others. Our essence, our spirit is elegant, spectacular and perfect. Along the way we pick up some pretty bad habits, including the thinking habits of fear, doubt and insecurity.

So the statements are identical. We do not need to change into something different. We merely need to choose to become the loving, kind, helpful spirits we were intended to be when we were first minted.

Within each of us are treasures. The biggest treasure we all posses is a result of helping other people. It is in these moments we are at our best. We feel great, they feel great, it’s magnificent.

Think about it. When you have really helped someone. A kid hit a baseball better, someone move, listened to someone who has been hurt, helped an older person lift something they could not manage. Ego vanished, agendas are gone, what others think is irrelevant. It is sensational and it elevates you and all those around you with NO SELFISH MOTIVE to be found. WOW. In those moments we are in true service….we are perfect.

How do you succeed, really, in networking? Helping other people learn what to do then doing it with them so they can master it. You are with them. Once they start giving away what you freely gave to them, a leader is born.

The statements say the same thing because Gandhi knew and taught reaching for the higher self….the perfect self….which is our true nature. Some of have to die to stop denying our true nature but we have the option to reclaim our extraordinary spirit as soon as we get into service.

Helping other’s get what they want creates wealth in all 13 areas of one’s life. And it happens faster if our motive is simply to help them with no regard for our check.

The authentic pathway to real wealth is become the change that we seek by refusing to no longer deny our true nature.

It’s easy once we realize giving service to others instantly activates all the incomprehensible gifts laying dormant within us……

…..and it hit me, this brilliant flash of the obvious, walking from my daughter’s school one day. And I wept.

mark j
world’s laziest networker

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  • Mark that is a pleasant post. How true When I first
    started networking , 1998. I did really get it.. It was all about me. Pour me. You have taught me to give my knowledge the way you gave it to me , for free..Helping others succeed and automatically help with my checks. Lastly the change that I made was the one you taught me. Help others lead them to water..Dont do it for them and keep the main thing the main thing.
    Henry Vigeant

  • Mark,

    I really do realize that I need to hear this more than once so that perhaps it can sink in. Thanks for this post. It really helps to put things into perspective.

    Dave W.

  • Mark,
    Wow!!! It is so cool to see in black and white what I feel in my heart. So often I get to wraped up in day to day things in life, that I forget what the real meaning oflife is all about. You have brought it full circle if a way that makes it so clear. I know that that I know what you say is true and now I can “see” what I have always know in my heat. You know, I have heard this a thousand times “you can get what you want if you help othrs get what they want” but now I know the WHY…. its absolutly awsome! I just love the way that you cut through all the “noise” and get to the truth of the matter. I think I will print this out in very large print and read it three times a day!

    Thanks Mark
    I pray a thousand divine graces upon you & your family

  • Mark J, I was taught as a little kid that the key is to do something nice and expect nothing in return! You have rekindled that child and taught him again to give, expect nothing, but realize that good will happen to those who serve!

  • Mark 3-12-13
    Ever since I began my HJ with you last year in go90grow as a beaten down failure in NWM with heart and no skill. Your team created a safe place for me and others to heal, give, forgive, support, encourage, and share our HJ with others without the thought of getting something return. I was able to fly with all the love in my heart and give, give, give! w/o expecting anything thing in return. I got to live in my heart and share that with everyone in the class!

    My heart of giving and helping others I was born with, in fact the Creator put that heart in all of us. I choose to live in it and I have received more than I can ever repay! So I keep loving, giving, with all my heart and when I allow others to hurt me I have the forgiveness for me as well as others.
    I have a heart and now skills to have my riches on earth as it is in Heaven!

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