Feeling overloaded? Most people feel that way. Don’t think for a second people aren’t trying to create a ‘panic’ purchase and today I found the ultimate bullshit and I am sure people are lining up to buy more crap that will not get ANYONE to first base. On this there is no debate. I’ll give you proof that you already know this.

Let’s layout the scenario first that the average person goes through in no particular order.

Everyone wants to tell us if we DON”T do this or that, we are doomed to failure, misery and we’ll fall hopelessly behind. All experts, [wink-wink], making self promoting claims and they all work the same exact way. identify the problem, tell you they understand, [this is the part where they try to bond], and…..sell you stuff that will lead to the EXPLOSION in your group.

All this stuff will not build a networking organization. Period.

How to buy leads.
How to buy better leads cheaper.
How to create your own leads.
How to do social networking [and exploit people you are pretending to be friends with ~ LOL]
How to sponsor 10-30 people a month [no one can do this and render authentic support that breeds success, not enough time]
How to sponsor 10-30 people a DAY ~ Let’s not even go there
How to do videos so you can kick your competition’s ass = [what? they are not going to sell it to your competition?]

Clearly, none of these things are remotely close to the real issue of building a network.

There’s an old saying, we’re lost but we are making great time. Now we have people selling a system to manage your systems ~ MORE STUFF ~ that will not build your business, my business or anyone’s until they know what that business is. Give me a break.. This is the Ultimate in BS. In essence, exploiting the feeling of being overloaded to sell us something else to save us time on stuff we are using that does not work. Got all that? There’s more! Time management is always an easy sell BUT it presupposes that what we do have works. And that is why it is the ultimate in BS. Proof?

Which of the following makes more sense to you?
1. You need to learn how to manage the stuff that is NOT getting you the results you want.
2. You need to get rid of the stuff that does not work.

if #2 makes sense to you, read on.

In emailing dozens of these tool peddlers one question, not one that responded defined the definition of what we do. If they do not know what we do to create a transaction, how can they make a tool to do it? DUH?

If you don’t know where we don’t know where we are going, [trying to accomplish], how can we get to first base? What is the point of leads ~ the addiction to this concept is just bewildering to me ~ if you do not know what to say. The prospects decision is made in the first 8-12 seconds on a subconscious level and if we don’t know this and how to speak on that level 1000 free-exclusive-mega-qualified-surveryed-social networked- credit card-in-hand prospects will make ZERO difference. And the temptation to get more ‘stuff’ will makes it’s way on to our credit cards.

Here is the proof I offered earlier ~ that you already know. If your friends and relatives did not like what you had to say, what in the world would make us think strangers will like it any better? Simple. A lack of common sense. We all lose our common sense when we are frustrated. We are persuaded by slick pitch men & women that more prospects is the answer.

That is bullshit. It is not the number of prospects but rather what we say.

GUT CHECK. Define what we do.

Can we do it in one simple sentence? If we can’t, great! Its a clue as to why we need to reclaim common sense.

Here is what we do. We get prospects to make a decision to join or become a customer.
How does this happen?

It happens with a conversation and the difference between people cashing big checks and people not cashing checks is what they say and do, not the number of people. You already know this, but, sometimes we forget our common sense. I sure do. You already know this somewhere within. There are NO SECRETS, just a few things we don’t know that we can pick up for FREE.

Until we recognize we need to learn a couple simply skills, like what to say, the systems, leads, video stuff, systems to manage our stuff and systems to manage our systems [coming soon I am sure ~ LOL] are expenses that prove we’ve lost all common sense.

Do you know what in the first 30 seconds so that 90% or more agree to look with an open mind? Until we do we will never get close to the ‘job’ ~ getting the prospect to make a decision to become a distributor or customer.

Once we learn this, where to spend your money and how to manage your time becomes easy ~ and cheap.

mark j
World’s Laziest Networker

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  • Mark – I read that a couple of times because I wanted to make sure I gleened all the proper information out it. Well said, and it really makes one think about all that is out there to attempt to help us when in essence most of it is hindering our progress. Too many wheel reinvents. Get a few of the basics down and go from there as the rest will fill itself in. Not too difficult…

  • I almost fell into these types of traps. But luckily, I saw the light before it was too late. I really think that Mark knows what he’s talking about. I have lost the prospect in the first line already, I could see it in their face the moment I started talking . I need to learn the correct way and I am not ashamed to say it. I think a lot of people don’t want to admit it, but the results speak for themselves. This is a GREAT tool for us to use (this blog). Thank you MARK !

  • Great comments Mark..I totally agree…your insight wants me to come back for more…I am going to follow your advice , thanks.
    Henry Vigeant

  • Well said Mark. 99% of the time you will find that the folks trying to sell you the “hottest” leads or “systems” are the very same people who couldn’t make it as network marketers. They figure it is easier to fleece the 97% who, like themselves, refuse to learn and apply the skills it takes to build a network. It is quite profitable to tell people what they want to hear.

    Glad you are exposing these so-called “gurus.”


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