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I sure didn’t expect the response to my 3 day rant last week.

The biggest response was to the last of the 3 posts…..basically that companies are acting irresponsibly…….by not setting retail requirements.

A lot of what I was sharing was visual… I shot this quick video … make it clear and share a simple concept of how to rectify the flaw in the MLM model when everyone is doing the minimum.  Should help you increase the volume in your groups right now…..just shoot them this post and ask them to view this video.


Tomorrow I’ll share with you one sentence ……that will double the amount of prospects and create $1000 in new volume per rep, per month ……and without any additional work.

See, there are only 2 types of reps in the world who work an MLM model.

Do The Minimum & Make The Maximum?

Those who preach minimums and lead people to believe they can make the maximum and those who preach sound business principles and teach their people how to create $1000 minimum in new volume every month and help them do it.

We just have to decide which group we want to be in.

This is a very simple skill called Fusion, it’s as old as dirt and non-sales types love it……and you’ll love having 9x the volume flowing through your group and, more importantly…………….you’ll really love the new found conviction in your heart and head by representing an authentic business model.

Minimums to make maximums?  Puh-leeze……everybody knows, in their soul……nothing could be further from the truth.

And, I gotta tell you…’s easy to tell the truth and have people buy instead of trying to sell a lie.  As Papa Bush said, ‘Read my lips’, … point? no business can survive without customers.  Common sense.   The cool thing is that you’ll only need to learn 1 sentence.  As The Fabulous Davene likes to say about duplication, “If a 10 year old can’t do it, don’t do it and don’t teach it.”  Most people can learn 1 sentence.

You’ll be able to use and teach this in 60 seconds.

Teach Them Hands On And Magic Happens

The thrill of helping others learn something in 60 seconds that dramatically increases volume and profit is a thrill……seeing others teach to still others just as effectiveluy and quickly manifests a joy that elevates your spirit as you authentic the business model for yourself and your team.

I’m also going to share with you how to get all those “fibbers” who say, “I want to think it over,” [wink-wink] to buy your product.  There is a very short story you can tell and they’ll paint themselves right into a corner with their ‘fibbing’…….it’s halarious to listen to them stammer as they reach for their credit card. 🙂

Catch you tomorrow…..


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

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