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Here’s the weekly riddle with a point for networkers.


The rungs of a 10 foot ladder attached to the outside of a ship are 1 foot apart.

The tide is rising at 1 foot per hour.

If the first 2 rungs are always underwater, how many hours will it take before the ladder is covered?

There is just no doubt that the networker who is building makes mistakes, we all do.

The really nice thing about our profession?
It’s not surgery.  No one dies when we make a mistake.

There is one mistake, however, that can cripple our efforts.
Ever wonder why you get people in and don’t have a problem recruiting and sponsoring but your organization does not duplicate?

Let’s be fair.  A lot of people join but don’t do much.  I am talking about the ones making an effort.  You help them get some people in, ‘good ones.’  Then, it stalls.  hmmmm

Everybody knows that this is a skill based business but no one teaches us what to do about those lines that have lots of promise but kind of peter-out.

Caught up with old pal and multiple six-figure earner Jim Bartlett, kinda kicked this around a little.  Jimmy and I met several years ago and I was always pounding away on him about the 3-Deep Pattern.   Used to tell him he was doing it but we had to teach it, insist on it, demand it.  Jim’s just the kind of guy who would help anyone in an organization so he was not getting what I was saying and I am the kind of guy who isn’t always easy to listen to when I get on a roll.   He does teaches it now.

The 3-Deep Pattern is simply treating people sponsored by your personal’s and their personal’s as if you personally sponsored them.  I would say this one skill has more to do with the blessings Jim has had as well as myself than anything else.  We both learned a long time ago what to say and do so finding and sponsoring people is pretty easy.

What is not easy, nearly impossible truth be told, is hitting the authentic objective.  Duplication.

Unless you know the 3-Deep Pattern.

My good friend from is Rowley, MA, Walt Pomerleau .  Known Walt since the mid-90s.  Retired State Trooper and, like Bartlett, the kind of guy who would give you the give you the shirt off his back.

Walt just loves helping other people but once he learned the 3-Deep Pattern, he found himself growing fast.  And, if you’re the kind of person Walt is, authentically helpful, you gotta realize helping others is not enough.

So what’s this 3-Deep Pattern and what does it have to do with the riddle?

It’s a skill that insures duplication.

Do you remember this?

  • You are in the first grade and the teacher whispers something in the ear of the first kid in the first row.
  • She whispers it in the ear of the kid sitting behind her.
  • By the time it gets to the last kid in the last row it’s nothing like what the teacher whispered in the first kids ear.

By treating the first builder your personal’s sponsor as if you personally sponsored them and repeating that behavior 3 levels deep, you message, unlike the teachers, does not get diluted.

But that is just the beginning. The benefits are 10-fold once you really understand the value of the pattern like Jim and Walt do.

Here is a comprehensive training, free of course. 3-Deep Pattern.

As you go deeper, and repeat the successful patterns and the 3rd person deep has 3, [not 1 inexperienced], people treating her as if they personally her, the support and repetition insures suceess…..duplication.

and….as we all, 3 people, do the same thing, it makes her success happen faster.

Confidence in the upline grows, trust quickens and, as a result, receptiveness to coaching increases.

Volume increases, the team rises.  Duplication.

A rising tide raises all ships.

Walt gets it.  Jim gets it.

It’s the answer to the riddle.


The rungs of a 10 foot ladder attached to the outside of a ship are 1 foot apart.

The tide is rising at 1 foot per hour.

If the first 2 rungs are always underwater, how many hours will it take before the ladder is covered?


The ladder will never be covered because as the tide rises, so does the ship.

mark januszewski
world’s laziest networker

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