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Organized planning is the most overlooked aspect uplines make in getting people started… especially if the upline is making decent money.

That statement is a little deeper than it looks at first.  See, even if someone is not earning a good sized check, chances are they are passing on what they learned from an earner.  Organized planning does not get passed on.  Period.


No one taught me, maybe they just didn’t know.  Maybe they don’t know how to

Organized Planning
Work, Kids, Dogs

build a 6-figure income in 12 hours a week… I’m not taking a shot at anyone here it’s just that once I discovered the value of organized planning it became ritual and in 20 plus years I never moved off it.

I was working and driving upwards of 70 hours a week, raising 2 kids, on my own, had 3 English Setters and my Mom went blind.  Not whining here and I’ll leave out the details but I’m sure you can figure out finding time to build was a challenge… a challenge that I knew unless I could find a way to overcome was going to be the death of the dream.

Against our will Davene and I went to a training [non-mlm] that a successful friend of my recommended.  ALL DAY?  Who’s got time for that?  I remember the moment like it was 10 minutes ago… between 10:00 and 10:20 I learned a fail-safe way to impliment organized planning… and it changed the game, instantly.



I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you the plus part.  While you don’t need to do a paired comparison weekly, you do need to plan, in writing, your plan weekly.  We’d have an organized planning meeting every Friday… give accountability, get it and then plan out the next week, making sure everyone at the meeting was putting 90% of their time into the “A” and “B” activities.  The plus part that makes dreams come true?  Execute

We do the same thing, to this day, every week.  And, really, write it out.  Electronic stuff is cool but when doing organized planning, write it out.  Use the techno stuff for reminders.   Show your weekly plans to new people and walk them through it… focused, of course, on the MT 🙂

organized planning
Plan and execute

You’ll find the list building skill right here and I can’t urge to use this paired comparison … it will end the madness of pointless distractions, [social media, conference calls, etc] and get you and your team rockin’

Here’s that document, the paired comparision with directions.

Seem to harsh about social media and the link?  I just did a Recruiting and Duplicating Mastery Summit with 24 people who have earned over $140,000,000.00 and are still earning mega bucks… none of them are working with capture pages, social media, etc… to build.  Know what they are all good at?  Organized planning and executing the plan weekly.

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Organized planning
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