Everybody knows the subconscious mind makes all the decisions…..sort of.

I have never had a conversation with anyone about this subject who did not quickly agree.

Do we agree but ignore the information?  My experience says ‘YES’ [yup, yelling 🙂 ].

Prospects for our business make up their mind in about 7-12 seconds subconsciously, the conscious mind gets the message, on average about 7 seconds later.

Try as the conscious mind may, it will not override the subconscious mind’s decision.


When something enters your radar do you know how many synaptic connections are firing?


2000 in the conscious mind.

4,000,000 in the subconscious.  Not a typo ~ Four Million.

Any doubt about which mind is making the decision?

It is looking for anything that resembles the current thing it is experiencing.  While we forget things all the time, consciously, our subconscious never forgets anything.


What does that mean…..to you and your business?


Well, it means you are going to get a yes or a no to looking at your information based on a lifetime of experience.

Come across as a salesman…..and they don’t like salespeople …..it is a ‘no’ every time.

Even if they need the product and need extra money.  Decision is made by the 4,000,000 …….it’s kind of power in numbers and all your reasoning and presentation skills and evidence only does one thing.  Raise the sales filter higher.

Ever wonder why people who would be good at networking, need your product and need the money say ‘no’?

Now you know.

By using different words you can speak to the subconscious and get it to instantly agree with you.


What do you think runs your entire body?  Heart pumping, when to increase it, circulation, nutrition direction for different things to different parts etc.?


subconscious runs the incredibly complex body correctly 24-7.  Amazing.


Wow, it runs the whole body and never forgets anything ever?  Pretty smart, right?


Wrong…..the subconscious is as dumb as a rock.  Really.

Your conscious mind does the problem solving, pieces together the information in different ways etc., the subconscious is a dope……kind like a servat…..memorizing and capacity and function is astonishing……but dumb as a brick.


I know what you are thinking……”Ok Mark, if that is true how do I take advantage of this for my business?”


Certain words and phrases leverage what is in the subconscious mind already……and get a yes better than 94% of the time.

We take advantage of ourselves, not prospects.  By choosing the right words, the sales filter goes down, the subconscious AGREES instantly with what you are saying, sends a message you can be trusted to the conscious mind and – BINGO – they take your information with an open, trusting mind.

Just like the beginning of this article where we pointed out if you say anything that sounds or feels like a sales pitch ……and the subconscious sees what you are saying SOUNDS like selling and says “no” ……well conversely…..it you choose words that by-pass the filter and are familiar in a positive way, that create a positive feeling…..the subsonscious mind sends a ‘yes’ and the conscious mind and its tiny army of 2000 synaptic connections ….has no choice but to say yes.

Once you ‘get this’ you really get it…..and enrolling people is easy because you have 9 out of 10 revieing info instead of 1 in 10……..but you GOTTA get it. Knowing where the decisons are made AND learning how to speak to the decision maker are 2 very different things…..

The marketing plan, product and company …..no matter how passionate your belief…..will raise the sales filter.

Most people, once they find out they can get a yes 94% of the time get excited, go right to the free training and learn it cold…….but, honestly some of them don’t.   The ones that don’t….well, you know the type…..they are going to do everything tomorrow, never study and would rather surf the internet and pretend to work instead of taking care of them selves and their families…..

So what would be easier for you……to master a simple skill and start getting a yes 94% of the time or to keep doing what you are doing?

Here is how to get a yes

Here is how to get them to instantly trust you.

There – right there – is, the essence of the blog.  You just made a decision.  Thanks for making my point.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • It’s too bad that we have to be reminded of these incredible skills over and over but sometimes it takes time to get rid of the bad and let the truth in.. Keep them coming….
    Making a commitment to listen every day for at least an hour till this hard head gets it so it flows like melted butter.
    Your the best
    Thanks for doing what you do.

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