Somehow, slick copy I guess, ‘old school’ seems to mean dinosaur ~ bound for extinction.  Let’s take a look at ‘Old School’ and ‘New School’ and don’t worry, I am not some octogenarian who is going to hit you with some ‘back in my day…..’whinning.

I get the scope of the internet and I love the new technologies but I also know a thing or two about building large organizations.

The ‘old school’ is being presented in a negative light.  It  is done in a way to make the ‘new school’ seem like a common sense.

The fear of loss, of being left behind coupled with promises of riches  and a recruiting world so spectacular urge us to follow these pied-pipers to the promise land ~ of course you can do this ONLY after ~ ahem ~ placing your credit card purchase.

Don’t confuse technology, the internet and manipulating your subconscious with success.

Who doesn’t want to be in the ‘new school’ you think.  Since we read about people making lots of money and these people say they made it on line and it fits our motives we say “Sure……let’s buy it!”

Kiss your cash good-bye folks.

Let’s get this Old School/New School thing settled right now. I am all about leverage and great new things are developed everyday.  Got a iPhone, love it.  New iMac.  Amazing.  Signing people in online instead of using paper, getting a check and mailing it in ~ then ~ waiting for a week or more are thing I sure do not miss.

Being able to put trainings up online for free for my team, webinars…well, you get the point.  I’m not drawing marketing plans out on napkins any more.  There is some great stuff out there that makes things better, faster and easier.  Is that ‘new school’ or just progress?

John Wooden, UCLA basketball icon, explains ‘You need change to make progress but not all change is progress.’ Coach Wooden is correct.   Og Mandino , author of ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World [10 Million plus copies], is even more pointed about this issue, “Fashion comes and goes, only principles endure.”

Using Wooden’s and Og’s principles we’ve been blessed and succeeded while integrating ‘progress’ into our business plan.

The bottom line is there is no Old School versus New School, just some people trying to take advantage of new, inexperienced people and their hopes.

How do you know what to add to your arsenal and what to pass on if you are new?  And want to grow fast?  Mark Twain seemed to have an answer that is powerful in both schools, “Common sense isn’t so common.”

If you had a big organization would you put them in competition with every line in your company and every distributor with every company in the world?  I don’t think so.

As good friend Jim Bartlett like to ask, “if your leads [system, whatever] is so good, why are you selling them instead of working them?”

They always have  cute answers about helping others, wanting to give back  but to this point in time, when I call or email these folks and ask  3 simple questions, the truth is easy to see.  Well, its easy to see if we exercise common sense.

I let them know I have a group of over 10,000 and I want to triple it…..then I ask

“What company are you currently working with and what is your check?”

“How much did you make from MLMs, not tools,  in the past year?”

“If I like what you have to offer my group, I will open your offer to all of them and recommend it as long as you can provide evidence to the first 2 questions, OK?”

No one from ‘New School’s’ has called me, emailed me or attempted to contact me.  hmmmmm.  Old School was no different, con men were a dime a dozen in the early going too.

Folks, there are no new games, just different players so do your homework, ask the tough questions and use some common sense.

Don’t let people mentally manipulate you.  The old vs. new is a subconscious ploy.  The subconscious has been conditioned to ‘belong’ ~ it has a compulsion to belong.  Con men know this so they paint one good and one bad so your subconscious chooses the one they want you to choose.  From there, fear of loss and the promise of unmatched success further leverages this dynamic.

The courses these guys sell about ‘writing copy’ are not about writing copy, its about minipulation.  Realize who you are and what they are doing.

We are blessed.  We have 20 year olds in the group teaching us great stuff and 60 year olds teaching great stuff.  Mostly, the people who grow fastest are the ones that learn what to say so the prospect agrees to take a look with an open mind.  Is that ‘Old School?’ Is that ‘New School?’  I think it’s just good manners, common sense and a little skill.  It transcends both schools so we can get the best out of each and ourselves.


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  • Lack of understanding, and teaching the power of exponential growth is the biggest sucking sound in the industry right now.

    Even if you teach people how to find one person a month and teach them to do the same you end up with 4096 people in 12 months, remember ~ you only sponsored one person a month! In a good company this is already a million dollar business! What if you kicked it up a few notches?

    Will it be a perfect 4096? Of course not…but, just like anywhere else in nature, i.e. viruses, rabbits, even forest fires…the conditions need to be right for it to happen. You need skills and a system.

    We can have an endless supply of people begging to join our business or buy our products and services, by learning how to say and do the right things, and teach others the same.

    Why ever pay for leads? Why waste one minute on stuff that is not related to business building activity?

    It’s like learning to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The first time it is a little messy, then you get better. For the rest of your life making that PB&J is predictable, because you know exactly what to do. You learned that skill. And of course you teach the same to your kids.

    Why would you suddenly show your kids an amazing new trick with Sauerkraut?
    What a bad experience that would be…it just does not work!

    There are prospects everywhere who are good prospects. They need more money, and they would love your product or service. They simply turn into bad prospects when we open our mouths, and try to talk them into something they don’t want to do.

    Why circumvent the 8th wonder of the world by wasting time, energy, money, and hope, with garbage that does not create long term residual income? Isn’t that why we are in the business in the first place?

    The internet is an amazing thing, and we now have tools we could never imagine 20 years ago. But people will always be people, and this is a relationship business.

    Old school? Absolutely! I will herald that message forever. A hybrid approach to old school using new technology and 3rd party presentation tools, absolutely.

  • This article is so true. A lot of people on Faceboook are peddling so many tools and training hoping to make it big. Some of these tools will pay the leader $1 per month every time the customer renews monthly. That means it will take 10,000 customers to make $10,000 per month of residual. Good luck at creating that feat.

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