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Confession time…

On the 9th day of Christmas, I’ve got some very special for you.

A confession.

How did I learn this was a skill-based business and find a great starting point?

Better yet…how was I blessed enough to find all the stuff anyone would ever need to get to $5000-$8000 or more a month.

And even better yet…how was a bankrupt seafood delivery guy who had failed 5 times in MLM during the 1980s able to suddenly turn a career around?

I had help.  Learning this was a skill based business was a game changer.

I got access to something very special.

It let me go on to make enough money that I could relax, think and eventually, create some ways to build on the basic treasure chest I discovered.

Here’s my confession.

As a personal favor, my friend Tom has created a way for you to get all that for a buck so you can check it out for a few weeks.  Get busy.

A couple of his hundreds of pages, our free networking skills and maybe we’ll see you here is Kauai this March when Tom is scheduled to stop by, relax and shoot some video.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Thanks VERY much for your forthright insights on building a MLM business. VERY helpful and assists in creating new opportunities.

  • I love your stuff! It’s the missing link that no one wants to talk about. Framed Firelighters and the Go90Grow is magnificent. Companies prepare material for willing participants and teach how to talk to them, but never do they teach how to talk to strangers. It’s like they forgot or never knew it to begin with. Learning how to talk to strangers is an essential part of this whole process and you have hit the nail on the head. I personally like to use the skills just to see how many people want more information, its fun.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Thank you doesn’t seem like enough. I have shared your site with my team and it pleases me to hear them using the knowledge they gained there. You are making winners…from the beaches and mountains…how crazy is that? Aloha!

  • All the material from you and Big Al is always the very best. If only these skills had been taught and made as available as they are now it would have saved a lot of us a lot of pain.

  • Mr. M,
    Thank you for the Christmas gifts (an you didn’t even have to get near a chimney) …these are GREAT and I have watched every one (some twice) especially the subconscious mind lesson. You certainly nailed that one. Starting to enjoy the sorting process even more now.
    mucho appreciado…Jeff

  • Hey they are GREAT. It’d be helpful if you could put them in successive order for the likes of me, who find the 12 days jumping all over the place, and I find it very hard to find what I’m looking for. I tried it for a buck, but I can’t find the 1000 pages you said I could have, and then sort through to find just what I’m looking for…
    which is….
    the exact words to say when calling up initially. I have a salesman sponsor and he’s a great guy but I’m feeling orpahned. Please help.
    thanks, and if I missed it and it’s there, sorry, it’s just somewhat confusing…

  • HI Mark,

    I’ve become convinced that network marketing companies don’t want you to fail, they need you to fail. If everyone made millions, there wouldn’t be any profit in it for them. Why else wouldn’t they want to train us in how to actually run a business and be successful. Any other type of business that is in sales gives proper training to its sales staff!

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