Why people say yes to your MLM

Do people really believe that ‘hanging in there’ will build their business?

Gimme a break.

Lazy leaders, and there is no other way to describe them,  have been pitching this dribble for decades.   And it is getting worse.


Even ‘leaders’ have been sucked into this ‘sponsor more’ moronic mentality.


Sponsor More!! Sponsor More!!

Is it good to sponsor new people?

Of course.  But this nonsense of sponsoring 15, 20 people a month is absurd and defies logic, ethics, and understanding of responsibility.

Can I sponsor 10-20 peeps a month?  Sure.

Would I?  No

Have I? Yes.  And I still regret it to this day.


Simple.  Sponsoring takes time and sponsoring people and ‘plugging them in’ does not work.

It creates the reverse effect that we desire and exacerbates the problem.


New people need help, guidance and I mean hands-on help, not simply sent to a ‘getting started’ website and dropped like a hot potato.

We’ve cleaned up sponsoring folks who were dropped like hot potatoes

New people need hands-on help and the truth is when we sponsor someone it is always the same trigger, in principle, for the person who trusts you and enrolls with you.

Why people say ‘Yes’

They join because, on some level, they BELIEVE their life can improve and they believe you can show them how.

But since lazy leaders are trapped in sponsoring numbers, they neglect people while, at the same time, make the rest of the team feel inferior because they are not enrolling several people a week.

‘Newbies’ don’t know how to sponsor.  They don’t have the networking skills to succeed yet.   Since they don’t and are neglected, they quit leaving uplines only one choice.   Sponsor more.  Good grief.  And the cycle continues.

When you sponsor someone, make no mistake about it, you’ve rattled their ‘dream chamber’ on some level and they are looking to you.  Not some automated training.  While the internet offers great low to zero cost tools to assist, and that is the word, assist, it is by no means an end to your responsibility.

Yet people who are making a few bucks continue to post training after training to gain leverage – you know, conference calls, team sites, etc., thinking technology can do their job for them.

The work begins after they enroll

Lazy.  Pathetic.  And that’s OK.  What’s not OK is that it is ethically wrong.

When you or I sponsor someone based on the direct (or implied) promise that their life will improve we have a moral obligation to render more support than is required.

New people, the lifeblood of your business, with proper coaching, need to learn some skills and need hands-on support.  That means working with them, not managing them through technology.  If you give it they stick longer, do more and produce more.

In each blessing and success we’ve had in 20 years, we’ve sponsored less people each time and been more successful faster.


We’ve got a huge advantage.  We are operating as if it were 2012, not 1980.


We’ve mined data that clearly shows people are not impressed with pay-plans or products.  The days of people being blown away by some wonderful product or cool wrinkle in the pay-plan ended by the late ’90s or early 2000s.  Huge advantage.

Folks, people KNOW they need to learn to market themselves and the plan and product, as great as they may be, will not build their business.  They know they need to learn how to do it and here are 2 graphs, mined from over 2500 networkers that prove that point.

This is Why people say yes to your MLM

Holy crap, does this give you an edge or what?  I mean really, don’t you agree?  While everyone else is out beating the drums about how great their plan, product, and system is, we’re talking to them about learning skills and teaching them the skills, hands on.

Duplication is a by-product of education.

Educate, demonstrate, duplicate.

Educate them with the skills.  Then demonstrate by working with them, hands on.  Duplication follows.

What you don’t see on that chart is the rest of the sentence under the green column…the rest of the sentence is “and an upline that will work the skills with me.”

What does this really mean?

It means that all the motivational crap about ‘not quitting’ and ‘hang in there’ and the totally stupid, ‘people won’t fail if they won’t quit’ are really lazy, knowledgeable people thinking it’s still the 1980s!  People know they need to learn some skills and want support.

The person looking today does not need these mantras.  Winning never had a thing to do with not quitting.  Not quitting only means not quitting.  Winning is another deal altogether.

How can you win?  Learn the skills, master the skills and teach the skills hands on.

The success of the Go90Grow members is not an accident, they invested their time to learn the network marketing skills and how to be a better coach so they could teach better. Duh?

Why did they do so amazingly well?


Keep your promise of improving a life with hands-on support

They spoke to prospects based on this chart.  They talked to people in teams, assuring people they would teach them the skills and then work with them until they hit their goals.  They, in essence, respected themselves, the promise they made of helping people have a better life and they respected the people that enrolled, working with them, demonstrating how to do it.

The ‘don’t quit’ group seems to still believe their plan and product makes a difference and is enough.

It never was and it never will be.

Shhhhh! Don’t tell them.   Let them be right because as long as they think they don’t have to actually work with people and just sponsor more, they neuter themselves competitively.  And that gives people like you, who understand it is ‘educate, demonstrate, duplicate’, a MASSIVE competitive advantage.

Successful people, in any venture, always look for the ‘competitive edge’ that is the right thing to do.  Promising someone a ‘better life’ and teaching them what to do and how to do it is not only the competitive edge you need, it’s the right thing to do.  A no brainer.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • Spot On! Inspiring truth taught once again! Please keep it up. I feel I get real solutions to working this business when I come here for encouragement and help.


  • I guess when looking at the numbers there is a really clear message, people know what they want, they just have a hard time finding it….. and possibly missed the skills at http://MLMskillsTraining.com

    Thanks Mark, Great information.

  • I couldn’t agree more with you! Who has the time to work with 20 new people, especially if they’re all over the country?? We’re lucky our company is filled with cross-line, and helpful oriented team members but if they’re not as skill based in their teachings as we are, it doesn’t matter. It always comes back to the skills! We’ve taken your skills and adjusted them for our specific company needs…..working great!

  • So true Mark! When we get them in we need to be the leaders and train them so that it is simple and will keep them motivated and have fun at the same time. With the right skills and education they will stay with us and grow the “right” way and so will our teams.

  • I agree – Great Post! Educate, demonstrate, duplicate. When some talk about Don’t Quit – Never Quit – It must be combined with Never QUIT – Learning and developing your skills. Work with the willing and be sure that your company has the Support and the training in place for those that you do recruit that realize that there is NO EASY button.. Thanks again for a Great post.

  • Great words of wisdom for networkers that want to SUCCEED instead of just not quitting. (Those autoships, marketing systems, and tools can cost some bucks!) Thanks for telling people the truth!

  • I have been overloading a little bit, got a touch backed up in everything ‘tech’ and home based the last few months, and just this morning have been going through a lot of your old newsletters, I really enjoy the way you phrase it, and it seems to me that a lot more people need to learn to work with people they bring into the businesses. Thank you, for helping me to understand where the responsibility lies, better then I had before, I appreciate it.

  • Outstanding observation!!

    When we sponsor someone we are literally promising to help them improve things in their life.

    They join us, not the company….and your phrase, ‘responsibility lies’ is profound. EXCELLENT!

    mark j

  • I make this error before: if someone doesn’t go fast enough, leave him alone and sponsor someone else… And again, and again…

    What I have discovered is with each person I personnaly sponsored in my last business, if I don’t quit on them, they don’t quit (except a very few).

    So, after 2 years, each person personnaly sponsored (except one I am still on it and never give up with him, and 2 who decided to quit) has reach at least the breakaway rank, and still growing.

    So you are totally right!


  • Thank you once again Mark! Your posts are outstanding and so helpful. I’m learning so much and look forward to the next one.

  • Mark,
    I so agree with you. In my company there are people sponsoring 20 or more people a month, and I am struggling to even sponsor two. My direct upline left, and then my NVP became my upline. Whenever I am feeling like a failure, and just need some hand holding because it seems like I’m not doing something right, when I call/email her I go away feeling as if I am bothering her. I keep getting redirected to the training sites and being told that it is “..not that serious.” I believe that with some of the one-on-one help I need in addition to the automated training, I can make this work. However because of the lack of support(I don’t even have anyone checking in with me to see how I’m doing)I am feeling like quitting. Sad, isn’t it???

  • Aloha Valerie

    thanks for stopping by…..not an uncommon challenge

    Many of us have been through it successfully, others have not. The difference? Those who accecpt it and DECIDE to build it with the knowledge they can create a different culture on their team, for themselves down…..which is exactly what we did…..the ones who fail continue to focus on what they are not getting.

    The hard part is pioneering…the great part is DECIDING to BECOME the sponsor support you wanted. This creates a different culture and it is quite exhilrating when it’s done. And remember, always, the hare and the tortise ….build right on sound pricples – it takes longer but it pays far far more money for a longer time. I know, I had upteams that slammed 10-30 peeps in a month…..never teaching others nor building authentic teams….they always erode and always end up working 12 hours a day to maintain their pin……

    Go for it!

    mark j


    You ‘get it’ …..marvelous

    NWM is about helping others….the only authentic road to long term success

    Keep learning and keep giving it away….to keep growing
    mark j

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