Guy contacts me on Facebook.  Nice approach, not an over the top idiot.

Nice personality, good hearted guy.  No doubt about it.

He really believes in what he is doing.  All the things he is doing.   When I say he believes I mean he’s convicted.   And he’s NOT edgy about it.  Quiet confidence.  The companies he’s with are decent+, no problem there.



He’s bought the BIG LIE about multiple streams of income.   He has NO CLUE.  He has given his people permission, subconsciously, to be involved in multiple deals.

And, get this.  He doesn’t understand that he is building lists for all the tool hustlers.  What a shame.

Older fella, in my bracket who thinks he is being ‘with it’ ….you know…..’New School’…..

We’ve covered the ‘New School vs. Old School‘ con game before.  Won’t get on the bully pulpit about it again today. 🙂

There’s an old saying that fashion comes and goes, only principles endure. If you’re involved in multiple deals I am sorry to tell you this but the principles in Think and Grow Rich clearly indicated it’s a sure-fire way to fail, specialization spells success, not ‘multiple streams of income.

People buy the leader, that’s us, before they truly buy the vision for themselves.

Did the case study of 25 years in Think and Grow Rich show these gazillionaires made money lots of ways?  Yup.

But the did it by mastering one thing and dominating it and putting the money they made to work.  None of them served 2 masters in the work place.  Even the Master Teacher spoke over and over about the ‘single eye.’ Want to tell Him ‘that’s old school?’  I didn’t think so.

But things change, right?  Ut-Oh….I can see you rationalizing.  So let’s drop in a new old friend of mine.

I know what you are thinking. What the heck is a ‘new old friend?’

Rob Kenyon broke a streak of mine, it please me to have this streak broken.

I had opted into over 200 ‘free tips’ sites ~ all leading to squeeze pages, sales letters etc…..not a SINGLE person could provide evidence they were making money in networking….they were ‘experts…..then….BAM……I meet Rob.  YIPPEE!

I call him up.  Phone tag for a few days.

Rob is giving a book away.  Read chapter 10.  tt is a must.

He talks about multiple streams of Outgo.  I love that because it’s reality, except, of course for the clowns who get folks to buy into ‘more tools, more leads’ like my Facebook friend…..let’s call him DOOMinic, not Dominic, OK?

DOOMinic will probably never understand what Rob is giving away.  Rob’s no self promoter, promising 10s of 1000s of dollars for nothing.

DOOMinic wants to do good.  Rob wants to do good.
DOOMinic wants to help people. Rob helps people.
DOOMinic wants to make friend and network, So does Rob.
Both nice guys.
Rob Kenyon cashes BIG checks. DOOMinic? Not.

Why is Rob cashing huge checks and DOOMinc cashing tiny checks [with expenses greater than his checks]?

Simple. Work.
Rob teaches people what to do, he knows there are no secrets or systems that will are ‘magic’ or leads that will come waving credit cards in hand.

You cannot teach what you do not know.

DOOMinic can never learn what to do because he overlooks sound principles and buys fashion instead of function.

Rob understands this is a skill based business, DOOMinic does not.

Despite all Rob’s success he was on our live webcast last Monday. Loved it. Told he I could steal his line about multiple streams of Outgo.

There are only 2 types of reps out there……the kind that learn, teach and do and the kind that think they can buy success.

I guess we all have to decide which group we really belong in.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Interesting post Market MJ! I agree that one Primary is all it takes.

    What can you share on monetizing your list so that you still create income even when your lead or prospect says no?

    What can you share about front end / back end offers?

    Just wondering what your perspective is on these topics, being the Master that you are!

    Much love to ya Pal!

  • Aaron, so glad you stopped by. Everyone knows there is a way to create their own leads and offset the cost. Most people don’t know how to do it.

    Some people think it’s a distraction, some people don’t. I know you’ve mastered this art, and it is an art.


    We both go at this from a different angle with great success. Let’s do a video we can post instead of a long column, make sense?

    How about early July?

    Best to that beautiful bride Sophia and continued success.

  • Mark
    Imagine all of the people that would find success if they just knew your secrets. You know how a lot of people say the fortune is in the follow up? Would it be okay if they didn’t monetize their lead generation and just followed up with the people they find?

    Did you ever notice how people want more people to talk to, and then when they find them they don’t know what to say?

    I’m just curious if everbody knows there are two types of people; those that struggle to build a team, and those that learn skills.

    Too bad most people never take the time to learn the skills

    Great stuff, keep it coming!

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