Blog   New Year? Success Depends On 1 Thing & It Ain’t A Resolution


Better yet, let’s not even go to the dance.

What dance?

The same dance most people go through at that end of the year…..

Reflection ::::> Resolution.

Good thought?  Uh-huh…does it work in real life?

You’re kidding, right?

Don’t go…..don’t even engage.

Resolutions do not work and none of need to look honestly past our own history to know that.


We sit, the first few years, with great enthusiasm, at the upcoming year.  We are optimistic, we really mean to ‘resolve’ to do better.  Take off a few pounds, get out of debt, exercise….be a better worker, do better at our home-based business.   This type of belief lasts into the late 20’s….maybe even our 30’s.

The it shifts, our heart really isn’t in it like it was, eh?

We are really stating preferences, not really making a decision.  It, decision, comes from the Latin and what it really means is to cut ourselves off from any other possibility.   But, we are not really feeling it and in fact, we kind treat the setting of resolutions as a ritual, not a commitment.  What most people don’t realize is that NOT following through is a habit.

Since we know, some place in our heart that it probably won’t happen ~ the ‘thing’ we’ve resolved ~ we move mentally to ‘insulate’ ourselves from personal disappointment by softening the language.

I’d like to get out of debt this year…..

I’m going to join a health club and see how it goes…..

These are not resolutions because we’ve already built in an ‘out’ for them…..a way to not hold our feet to the fire.

And, some time between the 2nd of January and the 30th of January more than 90% of ALL resolutions are gone.  5%+ more are gone in February.

But, we do it every year, make ~ ahem ~ resolutions…with an out.

This dance of picking things we’ve failed at all year or for years…..

It’s like wanting to meet someone you’d like to have a meaningful relationship with who doesn’t get drunk……and going to a bar to find ‘him’ or ‘her.’

It simply is a ritual of setting ourselves up for failure and re-inforce the habit of breaking our word to ourselves.

It’s why we, each year, soften the commitment.

As the old saying goes,  “I’ve got good news and I’ve got some bad news.


Most people want the bad news first.  The bad news is we actually have a chemical addiction to the feelings we get about ourselves when we do fail.

Most resolutions don’t work because who we are remains the same and the ‘resolution’ simply sits on top of that person.  Under stress people do one of more of these 3 things.

  1. What they like to do
  2. What they know how to do
  3. What they are familiar with doing.

Why?  Our sense of identity is so important to us that when stress hits, and stress is a fact of life, we’ll do things to make ourselves feel a sense of security…..routine creates the chemical release of what establishes a sense of self.

I love irony.

The irony here is the one thing we don’t want to do is the one thing we must do to feed the chemical additicon we have to re=establish the person we believe we are and the same identity we are trying to alter.

Here is the proof.



The good news is that it is not impossible to break though.


If want something different we have to do something different is a lie, sort of.

Nice thought but not really accurate.

See, the 2 short clips prove that is impossible unless we become a different person.

The same person is going to do the same thing.  We’ve got to ‘be’ different so we can ‘do’ something different consistently and then we’ll have different results.

So while different action is a must our success depends on 1 thing…..changing who are are.

After years of failue we were able to leverage a remarkable document written in 1911 to make the changes within that created changes without.   We learned what people were doing and had been doing for decades to generate interal change.

I wanted to live in Kauai in a multi-generational home.  Couldn’t do it.  Big money years, bad money years….made no difference.  The I took to study of the Master Key System.  BIngo, I end up living in Kauai, multi-generational home and lived a moment I’d dreamed of for years.  Polihale Sate Park on Christmas watching the sun come up with the family and the dog.

Turns out the challenge of the Master Keys, let’s face it, change is not easy……is being met by an entire group of people.  It’s been fascinating to see the growth and changes in people like Vikki Lawson, Mick Carbo and Doug Karmuth.  You can actually chart their progress over the last 13 weeks.  Astonishing is an understatement.

The Master Key Course the missing link to success because it generates that stunning shift within……so the resolutions we make are no longer being  implemented by our old self.

Quitting smoking, walking the dog more often or exploding a business are all one in the same.

Empty resolutions of the old self or vital creations a new person.

And the one thing that success in the New Year depends on is the work necessary to make changes within.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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