Stop New MLMers Quitting

Your new MLMers quitting?

On the third day of Christmas, we’ll give you a skill that is really fun, easy and will stop David Copperfield from making your new reps ‘vanish’ as fast as they enroll.

Figured you appreciate a skill more than 3 French hens.

If you missed yesterday’s skill, ‘What Goes Through the Prospects Head’, our gift to our followers for the second day of Christmas, just click here.

That skill will help you sponsor more people but this skill will help you help them stick around a little longer.

After all, your job #1 is to keep them in until they ‘see the light.’

Are people quitting faster?

Faster than what? 10 years ago?  15 years ago.

Not much faster…about the same for most people.

It’s not the ‘times we are living in’ nor is it the economy.

It’s the same thing it has always been and will always be.  3 little things, but together they have a big effect.  Really big.

  1. Self-doubt (we all have a little doubt when we start something new)
  2. A negative response from friends/relatives/spouse
  3. Buyers remorse sets in

I used to feel like I was a flight attendant.

Bye…bye, bye…bye…bye, bye…

Bye, bye-bye, bye …

Then I got a BFO (brilliant flash of the obvious) and realized instead of trying to ‘overcome’ what happened, I’d find or create a little skill that would ‘insulate’ my new babies.

100% effective?


But it’s damn close, and if we work smart we’ll be back on the phone with them within 24 hours, get a list and start making calls.

It just sucks to sponsor someone and then, poof!  Gone.

So much effort to get them in and so much hope for them and ourselves when they join.   And when they vanish…ouch!

Even if you know the networking leadership tip that gets duplication, what difference does it make if they ‘take a powder?’

Enough is Enough

Let’s start with real life.  We tell them not to talk to anyone until we can get them trained.

Good luck thinking they’ll follow your directions.

They have mixed feelings, hope, and fear…big bucks and failure…all swirling around.

So, they talk to a few folks and of course they urinate on the parade.  Buyer’s remorse.  Bye, bye-bye, and you’re a flight attendant again.

So this networking marketing skill should be 1 of the last 2 things you do when you enroll folks to stop new MLMers quitting.

The 2 things?

  1. Book a coaching session and on that session, GET NAMES.  Build the list with them
  2. Use the ‘Ink is Still Drying’ Skill

It will insulate them, make them think you are a genius and all the negativity they hear will not affect them.

Folks, this is massive, takes just 3-5 minutes and it’s fun.

Happy Holiday.  Here is the Ink is Still Drying Skill


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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  • It’s interesting how a lot of people sponsor people into the business and then don’t know what to do with their new rep. They tell them to talk to people, “share” with everyone they know, tell them it’s redirectional spending, or some other crap like that. They never were told it’s all about skills and teaching our people things like the Ink is Still Drying. Thanks for sharing that!

  • So true Mark, newbies have those positive and negatives feelings and thoughts going through their mind. Taking this skill you just posted helps to keep them in the positive feelings and thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Holiday’s


  • Perfect reminder for me Mark!! We’ve had a severe case of this lately in our business and have experienced all the joy, work and then disappointment with our last 3 reps. I knew we were forgetting something…..thanks so much for this today. Perfect timing….as usual! Thank you.

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