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No big deal.

Couple of friends of ours were in Hawaii for about 10 days…vacationing in Maui.

Everybody knows we love finding average people from different companies who’ve overcome challenges we all face in MLM.

Flew over for the day…..pretty cool couple.  We’re friends.

Marty Keefe was not supported by her husband Joe when she started but before we get to their story, and it is remarkable…..let me tell you some things about the allegedly ‘neutral’ spouse.

Repeat after me…..there is no such thing as a “neutral spouse”…..again…..there is no such thing as a “neutral spouse.”

The “neutral spouse” has 2 meters running…..constantly.

The first meter is the money meter…..watching the money going out.

The second meter is the time meter…..watching the clock.

The Neutral Spouse Starts Yelling At Red Line

Believe me…..they all have a ‘red line’…..meaning…….a breaking point and when either meter hits the ‘red line’ that supposedly neutral spouse is neutral and silent no more.  ‘Red Line?’ As soon as a certain about of money is spent ….or time is invested….and believe me they have a ‘figure’ for BOTH from Day 1…..the true position of the ‘neutral spouse’ is revealed.  Like clockwork.

As our distributors move close to the ‘red line’ cutting remarks, “make any money this week?”….”the kids miss their mom/dad”…..”your spending an awful lot of time on that ‘thing’ and I’m not seeing any benefit to the family or checkbook”….”you’re going out again tonight?”…..

Once our reps’ neutral spouse hits the ‘red line’…..the cutting remarks turn into, ‘honey, we need to talk about time/money’……and we all know it’s not a talk.


He told Marty that MLMer’s were ‘bad people’……not exactly neutral.  Honest but not neutral…….but Marty, who never did MLM before found a way to overcome this all too common crippling challenge and set a record for hitting the top pin levels…in record time.

Just a wonderful, down to earth family…..average gal with a non-supportive spouse who found a simple solution within.


Well… is her story.

I know it says we’ll be back tomorrow with Joe’s side of the story……but right after we shot the video Marty Keefe shared something so spot on to success…..that we shot a second video.

So simple, so clear and so easy to do…..that you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s post.

Share this with your team…’ve got to get them out of denial…..the ‘neutral spouse’ isn’t neutral and there are people in your group….heck, in our industry who need to hear this message… take a second, leave a comment about your experience and share this ……it might just turn someone into a Top Earner too.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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