I am the anti-guru? Naw, just a label that got placed on me. Gurus don’t like me. That’s a compliment. When it comes to network marketing training online, I’ve grown tired and heartbroken.
I hear stories all the time of tens of thousands of dollars spent with no results. Network marketing training is not that complicated.  Heck, network marketing itself isn’t that complicated.  
Of course, the slick marketers out there have you convinced otherwise. You believing that network marketing training is complex sells you.  And you need them.  You do not.


Let’s knock that label out right now.  I’ve been shouting from the rooftops for year to “love your competion!”
network marketing training
Been running this for years, believe it. It works

The first step? Make winning decisions about who and where to invest your time. If you do, you get trained to win.  How does one do it? Understand the difference between old school and principles.  Fashion comes and goes.  Principles endure.  

You make winning decisions by basing those decisions on principles.
Example?  Sure.
Anyone who is taking about sponsoring more is offering you proof they do not know how to develop people.  People who can develop people make more money in less time.
The real objective of the business?  Teams that build teams without you.
My biggest regret was sponsoring to many people.  Really.
If you cannot develop people do you really think sponsoring more is the answer?
Blaming people who quit as failures is the sign of a poor coach… and lousy trainer.
The second step?  Another sound principle so overlooked it is bewildering!  We get paid on volume, not distributors.
So if the “guru” or trainer you’re looking at does not stress retail, walk away.
There is a dandy of a skill right on this site to increase volume 9x with one sentence.
It’s called Fusion.  It’s free.  And you won’t end up in a funnel.


Common sense and business principles apply to the next two steps.
The third step?  A push for social media.   While a presence is important, you really don’t need a lot of leads to get wealthy.  Anyone telling you that you do?  Walk away.  Really Mark?  Yes.
Here’s why.  They have the 80/20 rule bass-ackwards.   There are 2 skills that will get 80+% to look.  Grab them here.  Ready to buy and ready to join in under 60 seconds.   Ready to buy your next suggestion.  Ready to join you with an open mind.
Anyone telling you 80% won’t listen, 80% won’t show up, 80% that do show up won’t join and 80% that join won’t do anything does not know how the mind works.
They also do not know the orgin nor meaning of the 80/20 rule.
Here’s what it really means.

The fourth step? Let’s remember, we’re talking about four simple steps to make winning decisions about network marketing training.


Without a plan for growth of your teammates personally and professionally in plain site you are dealing with one of two things.

ONE: A con artist trying to leverage your hope, fears and inexperience.

TWO: A person who wants to help but does not know the objective of a network marketing business.  Again, teams that build teams without you.

Check out the 3-deep-pattern on the skills page.   Again, no funnel, sales pitch or nonsense.   All this stuff is free. That’s always been the beauty of network marketing.

Now the bonus step.  Emotion.

If you are like most people, you need it to work.

I did.  I was scared, on the ropes so to speak.

The difference?  I had the best training in the world from Mr. Stone and Hill… Stone personally trained me in Chicago.  I knew common sense and principles need to overrule emotion. At least in business.  Stay unemotional.

Let me know what you think


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

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  • I love this. The Gurus are still teaching old school tactics because they are teaching the Fads that got them to the top, that don’t work anymore. Principles endure is the key…when you learn the skills to invite, present and close (collect decisions).

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