Network Marketing Training is such a cool place to hide… such a marvelous place to argue, question, challenge, and most of all, rate different trainers and training.

And, it’s all *BS [bullshit].  Except, of course, a place to hide.  That is true. People tend to spend more time rating, ranting, questioning, and arguing about training and methods than actually working their businesses.  This is why the BS* was tossed in

Network Marketing Training

The most remarkable aspect of this great industry is the chance to make decent bucks and have the time to enjoy life at the same time.   Making $10,000 to $20,000 a month and doing it in 12-14 hours a week changes the game completely.  This concept, “time leverage” has been slowly vanishing from the people that matter… Founders, leaders… emerging stars.

Why is that?  While we’re on the subject, what is time leverage?  If you don’t know what time leverage is, you’ve been poorly trained and made into “new meat” for those con artists out there pitching magic systems, leads and social media hacks.  [Notice with all 3 of those the are NOT talking about TALKING TO PEOPLE [yeah, yelling, yeah, double parenthesis 😉 ] ].

Time leverage means you are earning money off the efforts of other people.

Stay with me here if you want to be able to provide your team Network Marketing Training that will make a difference.

The real objective of an MLM or network marketing organization, [yours for example], is that you build effective teams that build effective teams without you.

I finally understood what my mentors were sharing… I got out of the mainstream and started listening to people earning checks AND having the time … “now” .. meaning they were doing to now, now claiming to have done it 20 years ago.

Show and Tell

After many struggles and finally success I knew I was on my way but something was missing.  Couldn’t put my finger on it, I knew I could do better [hovering around $8,000 a month and growing steady, not great but solid]….

My daughter comes home from school and looks cranky.  I ask her what is wrong.

network marketing training
Show and Tell… over and over until they show and tell… Boom!

“gotta do a project…” voice tails off.

I say nothing.

She asks for help.

I say of course if I can.

“What’s the project?”

She says, “some dumb thing called “Show’n’Tell”…

I begin to weep.  My Network Marketing Training has actually begun, really.

I mean, if we don’t know the target and what we really get paid for, I know you’d agree it’s hard to hit the target.  Truthfully, it’s virtually impossible.

So “time leverage” … I learn what to do and then “show” new people “hands-on” how to do it.  For taking the time to learn and time to share I have authentically earned the right to compensation.

Show’n’tell… who knew.

So any training that does not, at its root, have you talking to people AND working with your team while you’re talking to people, [anything you do alone is virtually a waste of time*], is not network marketing training.  It is a con job, an amateur… whatever.

First, learn how to get 80% or more to say “yes” to looking in under 20 seconds [very easy skill] and they practice your buns off [after 9 at night and before 9 am] …. and start working the lists of people in your organization.


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