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If you’re thinking this is about bashing Network Marketing Training think again.  We’ve got a big problem in the industry and it’s with the companies. If we couple that problem with the reality that common sense isn’t so common, getting solid training becomes a crapshoot. And… it gets worse.  Fret not, this is all good news.

Network Marketing Training

Network Marketing Training
Grimm’s New Fairy Tale? Duplication Without Standardization

Let’s take the companies first.  While preaching duplication from the stage and on conference calls, they provide no standardized training.  Everybody knows that duplication without standardization is a fairy tale, real Jack and the Beanstalk stuff.

There was a time when companies took pride in their training and as people hit pin-levels, several became certified trainers.  This meant no matter what training you sent people to, there was no confusion.  People heard each trainer’s individual experiences on the fundamentals.

And while you may have liked Sue better than Pete, your team was not hearing different terms, systems, ideas and the “newest hottest” secrets [for the record, there are no secrets in Network Marketing] … and quickly abandon any of the pied-pipers-of-prosperity who are pitching secrets.  Common sense here, please.

As we have to sit through speeches about how much companies love us, we’ve certainly got a right to ask, then why aren’t your providing training?   Regardless of pleas to the contrary, there are only two possible explanations.  Our company is being led by people who don’t understand that duplication is a byproduct of education and that if said education is not standardized in the Network Marketing Training we can never reach a fraction of our potential.

The other possible reason?  It saves the company time and… drumroll… money.


The internet has allowed companies, in general, to move completely away from any training… meaning how to grow an organization that self-perpetuates.  Many folks have stepped up and while that initiative is wonderful, the team sites they set up, often leaders in the same lines, teach different things.  Confusion.  Ut-oh.

So a leader type sees it’s OK to set up a training site for Network Marketing Training and they do, exacerbating the problem.  In over thirty years of doing this, I can tell you division among leaders always leads to division among teams.

What would be easier for you?  The fundamental stuff all called the same thing and in the same order or the basic hodgepodge that exists today virtually everywhere?

Network Marketing Training
Confused People Don’t Commit

Would you like your 4 leaders, Bob & Ted & Carol & Alice all using different leaders to follow or all following the same protocol?   Even a cock-eye optimist like me has enough common sense to figure that one out.


So as a result, many look for outside training.  This is a great place for those with phone reluctance to hide and most are going to violate when deciding who to plunk their time and money with, something all our parents drove into our noggins over and over and over.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Outside trainers are just like lawyers, doctors, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.  Some great ones, some good ones, some bad ones, and some bottom feeders.

If you’re buying into the points I made about this challenge, you need some guidelines and criteria to make the best choices for your team.  After all, you’re going to have to create the culture, one person at a time until you’ve got a nucleus who are all on the same page.

It is human nature to copy the behavior of a group to gain acceptance of the group so we can have a voice in the group.  That’s life and as an aside, I continue to be baffled by people who don’t get that duplication, [a by-product of education], is magical when everyone is on the same page.   That is what creates momentum.

So, the rules…

1] Don’t judge a book by its cover; winners, not promoters… let’s not worry about likes and followers.

2] Look in your upline first.  [anyone who tells you otherwise, walk away].  While it may not be a match for you along with your sponsor… exhaust this first.

3] Anyone pitching sponsor more, sponsoring 20 a month or sponsoring as the path to success… move on.

4] Any “get 3 and your membership is free” type of nonsense… move on.  Really fast.

5] Test before testimony.  Like something you see?  Followed rules 1-3?  Great.  Get it yourself and PROVE it works before introducing it.  Introducing people to people who fleece thousands of bucks from your teammates is the fastest way to lose their trust.

And, the real keys to the vault in Network Marketing Training?  I learned from the best and while they were all different personalities, they had this in common.

So, if you’re going to consider solving the Network Marketing Training challenge we face in the industry, know these 3 things and make certain they are the primary strengths of any trainer you invest in.

mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker 

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