Network Marketing Training begins, when you get down to it, at birth.   Sound outrageous?  Overstating?  Think again and do it with the following facts.

There are 4 basic parts of the brain and 4 basic personality types.   Great trainers who really understand Network Marketing Training help the trainee to draw out the best of their natural gifts.  We’re being trained from our birth.   Now, as adults, we can set the agenda.   And we all “learned how to learn” from day 1.

Network Marketing Training

While we’ve used profiles on our teams for years, they have improved dramatically.

They’ve been able to move from behavioral tendencies to core motives.

And, no surprise, you, me… your mom… we’re all born with it.

So the great trainer lays down the ego and learns what really drives their new peeps.

We’ve learned to help people set goals and missions based on their core values and motives, not anyone else’s.

Network Marketing Training
No penalty for selling secrets that are lies

TIP: If you’re looking around for a trainer and they are talking about secrets, leads, and sponsoring more people, run the other way.  It is a surefire telltale they are hustlers.

Whoops, almost forgot… add repetitiously re-opening their “incredible offer”.   My 3rd round of emails started from a “trainer” about “one more slot” … good grief.  He’ll take more than one and he’ll reopen the offer again. No matter, just remember that if it is not a good deal tomorrow, it’s not a good deal today.

Training Yourself

There’s an old saying, “The only real teacher you’ll ever have is you”… and with seven decades behind me I find myself in greater agreement than ever with that statement.  We are the only teacher we’ll have.

The knowledge base is greater than it has have been but knowledge won’t make you a dime.  It is our application of knowledge and that experience fosters learning.  So be begin by relaxing and taking ownership of our circumstances.

My thinking and perception of experiences, just like yours, has created a template that my realities are based on.  In English?  Our perception becomes our reality.

Some people, actually, most people will argue with that… let it go!

So the first thing you need to do for great Network Marketing Training is to understand that it begins with observation.

network marketing training
I knew what I wanted… as bad as oxygen

Most Networkers Never Learn This

The money is not in sponsoring or in the pay plan or at conventions.

First of all, all pay-plans pay the same… producers get paid, non-producers don’t get paid.

And what do the great producers produce?  Producers.

What’s a producer?

A person who can enroll people and teach them how to teach people how to produce.

It’s big money… you don’t need many names, no money, and no wonder product.

You just need to train yourself to see what the people do who have the life you want.  I know a couple of 6-figure [monthly] earners and believe me, I would not take their check if I had to take their life.  10-12 hours daily… for decades.  No thanks.

What did I want?   $240,000 a year minimum in less than 12 hours a week.  So I trained myself to find and copy those types and here we are in Kauai.

The folks who were making money and having a ball had just one thing in common.

The produced producers.  That’s it.

We mastered it quickly and to this day remain baffled at how simple it was and how no one does this… click here


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