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Can you or anyone succeed in network marketing?

That’s what I wanted to know and I quickly discovered that it’s the wrong question.  We need a network marketing system for success before we ask if success is really possible.


To even think about duplication without a standardized system is sheer lunacy.  (Are you listening MLM companies and leaders?)  If 100 people joined your team this week and they had 50 different choices of how to build it, what do you think would happen for those 100 people within a year?  Well, I’m certain you can think of 3-4 different scenarios but would duplication be one of them?

Sadly, that is precisely what is going on today in this great, great industry.   If 100 people bought a Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise this week, what do you think would happen to them within a year?  Duplication.

MLM companies have all but abandon training since the internet came into play and “leaders” have taken over this most important, THE most important role…

Network marketing system
No standardization, no duplication

building a network marketing system for success.  And while each does their best, collectively they are failing miserably – no offense guys and gals – but division among leaders always leads to divisions among teams.  And if your team is divided in “how” they do the business, what is the fate of their teams?

The chances for success?    It is sheer lunacy to believe anyone can get the desired result, duplication, without standardization.

Is this bad news?   No, it’s great news and easy to take full advantage of if you will not buy the lie that network marketing is “different” than all other businesses.   Are there some unique things to MLM?  Yes!

And they are spectacular nuances, (compensation, low startup, etc.), but when it comes to business, it is a business like any other and without a network marketing system for success, like any other successful business, we are dead in the water.   It begins, like all “genius” ideas with incredible simplicity.

Before you view this video, define a system in one sentence.

See, if we don’t know what a “system” actually is, we don’t have one!

Got it?  That one sentence to define a system?   Great.  Let’s go to work.  Yeah, I didn’t have one either 🙂


He sucks at it?

Yeah, I know, seems harsh.   Here’s my “out” … if Harry sucks at Step 1 or Step 2 it’s not Harry that sucks, it’s Harry’s Step 1… and who is responsible for that?  Harry?  Guess again.  The company?  Guess again.  ME!   I brought Harry in and Harry came in on two key factors.

  1. The hope of a different outcome in his life
  2. Trust.  He trusted me.

Great leadership has nothing to do with moving speeches, wisdom or intelligence… it has to do with personal responsibility.   When Harry joins you, he is trusting an implied or direct promise you made that you would show him what to do so he could succeed and get what he desires.

Help Harry get better with MMAC…

and we cannot MMAC if we do not have a system.  Harry joined, bottom line because he believes you have a network marketing system for success.  And, now, you do.

So great leadership is learning the skills so you can help Harry improve in the dynamics of your system and leverage the company pay plan.   Certainly, we all understand the company is not going to build it for Harry… it’s not their job.   Harry doesn’t know what to do so no matter how willing he is or determined his claims to be, nothing can happen.

4 stages of the network marketing system for success

Monitor – have Harry monitor his activity.

Measure – against average results, identify areas needing improvement

Adjust – work with Harry to improve in the system. ALWAYS work from the front of the system. If Harry needs help on all 3 areas, start ALWAYS with Step 1 – here’s that link I promised in the video to get a “yes” rejection-free at Step 1

Control – Harry improving helps you both control the growth of his business which, obviously is also your business.

It all gets down to hands-on-help and fulfilling the promise you made when you enrolled Harry.   The best news here?  Harry is not only learning what to do within the system, but he is also learning via repetition, HOW  to help his new teammates work the system and improve.  Game over.

network marketing system
Hands-on help

Compare MMAC to pasting links all over Facebook… compare MMAC to listening to 5 conference calls a week. I’m not being a wise-ass here.  Believe it or not, that is what people really think is a system… (good grief.)   Or how about buying some replicated site, buying more stuff inside the site and getting on their conference calls versus MMAC.   What would you prefer if I sponsored you?

If I helped you (A) monitor what you did, identified areas needing improvement then worked with you, hands-on to improve…

or if I told you to (B) go to buy tools and paste your link and listen to conference calls?

What would you want?  A or B?

My point?  We improve what we measure and without a system, we cannot improve.

If you really want to make a difference, become the sponsor you would want.  Me?  Simple.  I would want someone who told me our “Network marketing system” is this and then worked with me to master the system.

What are your thoughts?

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

network marketing system
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