A strategy based on a lie is doomed.


You are not alone.

Struggles in networking are no different than any other business.

Network marketing is a business and even though we think it’s different than any other business – big mistake – we are going to suffer.  Really suffer.  I sure did.

The bad news?  Suffering really hurts.

The good news?  You are not alone.

The best news?  Suffering is optional.

Struggling with your business?

Businesses struggle and fail all the time because the plan to succeed was not based on the truth.

Good companies, good people…poor planning.  Poor planning is almost always a result of poor assessments prior to making the plan.

Everybody knows strategy based on a misconception is doomed, and my 20+ years has taught me most people buy into the biggest lie in network marketing…

The biggest lie in Network Marketing?

The biggest lie is the biggest reason people suffer.

What is it?

You just have to find the right people.”

I believed that for years, said, taught it.


Everybody says they would all like 3 things.

1. More money
2. Pay less in taxes
3. More time with loved ones

What are we all offering?

More money, lower taxes and more time with family.

So why do they say no?

The quest is not for the ‘right people’ but instead an answer to why do they say “NO.”

Once we moved away from the ‘next’ and SWSWSWSW baloney that supports that lie of ‘just finding the right people’ and compounds the suffering…and found the answer to why they say ‘no’ everything changed.

Why do they say “NO”?


People hate to listen to sales pitches (do you?) but they love to listen to stories they chose to hear.

It’s about what we say and what we do in the first 8-24 seconds.

Once we learned a couple of easy network marketing skills over 80% of the people we talked to said they would be happy to look.

Why do we hold a false belief so sacred?

We simply are so sold on our plan, product, and company that we never stop to think what goes through the prospects head.

Our belief in our product, plan, company, etc., is so BIG that we don’t see it as a ‘pitch’.  Ingredients, marketing plans, etc raise the sales filter.

You think you are sharing but they hear a pitch.

Oddly enough our % of yes to looking went up to over 94% once we figured out how to get people to ask us to tell them a story.

Examine Basic Assumptions

While the idea of operating contrary to the concept that ‘you just have to find the right people’ seems a little odd, there were 2 questions we had to ask ourselves as we examined this basic assumption.

1. How was believing ‘finding the right people’ working for us? Terrible.

2. Do we really need the heart of a lion, eye of a tiger, skin of a rhino and other dead animal parts constantly working in our attitude to build a business based on something everybody wants – fewer taxes, more money & time?

In other words, why do they say ‘no?’

If we are going to make money, we need to talk to people and once we ‘relearned’ people hate pitches but love stories, we succeeded beyond our dreams because it led to examining two other basic assumptions. And we found them to be equally false. These two we’ve come to understand were the 2nd and 3rd biggest lies in MLM …which I had learned and quoted from Day One.

I’ve dropped the other two lies in this very short video for you.


It’s important to understand that uplines and leaders that say these things like mine did, and like I did, are not coming from a bad place.

The intention is good, to keep us from getting discouraged.

Second Biggest Lie – People don’t duplicate, systems do.

Third Biggest Lie – Duplication is the key to building a big business.

Here’s a little palindrome my daughter wrote and we posted that makes these points…very cool…same words read both backwards and forwards.

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  • The King has done it again, thanks for all the great info. Who’s a better networker that you, who, noone that’s who.

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