Network Marketing Skills Earn Money


Network marketing skills earn money.  Not luck, determination, systems, leads or attitude.

I can hear the motivational speakers, system sellers and lead peddlers screaming now.  Their logic is brilliant, their reasoning sound and their books have rave reviews… how’s that working out for you?  Not trying to be a wise-ass here, but as Mark Twain said, “Common sense isn’t so common.”


And that’s really what this short post is about – what happens in real life.   Do you really think having a “great attitude” and chanting 50-year-old slogans to yourself and your team is going to build a business?   Really?

Network Marketing Skills Earn Money
Skills or leads?

Would you like people on your teams on conference calls, getting pumped up or talking to people who are not in the business?

Do you want your teams promoting gurus or talking to people who are not in the business?

Obviously, we want people talking to people who are not in the business and only one thing is going to make that happen consistently…

Confidence.  Real self-confidence.  Where does confidence come from?


So, again… do you want your team quoting gurus who have an endless supply of tools and events for sale… that haven’t made a red-rats-rear-end of difference in your production or theirs… or talking to people not in the business about the business with confidence?


Yeah, I know… hard to believe, right?   100% say “yes” that engage and it’s all rejection free.   That difficulty you’re having, believing that is “conditioning.”  And what have you been conditioned to?   Same thing I was.   The word “no.”

We’ve been led to believe that most people say “no” and it is simply not true once people will take the time to learn, practice, apply and improve their skills.  Network marketing skills make money for those who will pay the price.   But… (huge word, eh?)… but, it’s that damn conditioning.   Mostly your upteam conditions us because they mean well.

The gurus?   They’ve got a hidden agenda and let’s not kid ourselves about it.

Network Marketing Skills Earn Money
Common Sense Please

The pied-pipers peddling tools, expensive “events” that are thinly veiled pitch-fests for even more tools and more expensive events want you to believe
that THEY know your pain… and they have, (wink-wink) several suggestions, (free? LMAO) that will “help you” overcome those nasty, close-minded prospects.  Good grief.

“Hang in there!” (and buy this so you can keep hanging in there!)

“Don’t quit, you can’t fail … you can only quit,” (and buy this so you can learn how to not quit!)


OK, enough.   You get the point.  Want to argue with it?  Fine.  Bring the facts and let’s begin right there.  Look, I got no beef with these peeps, not really.  The battle cry here is not against anyone or anything… it is for common sense.

Network marketing skills earn money, just like any other successful business.

The restaurants you go to that are busy have better skilled cooks, wait-staffs and management teams.   How did they get that way?  They paid for those skills with sweat equity.    Repetition builds confidence and let’s talk about real life on that subject.   My pet peeve was never and never will be gurus. It’s practice.


How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice.

These 2 skills I talked about in the video work, all the time, if you invest the time.  My pet peeve is that in 20 plus years I found the 2 simple things that hold people back are 1. Failure to schedule 80% of their time for reaching out to prospects and 2.Failure to practice.   Grab the skills and pay the price.   Simple.

If you do that you’ll break through the nonsense that most people say “no” and you’ll never have to do nor listen to motivational slop again because you and your teams will get results.  You’ll have the skill mastered in no time and generate great confidence that can only come from one place – earning it via PPPPP.

Network Marketing Skills Earn Money
Pay the price

Persistent practice produces perfect presentations.  

Imagine knowing that you can get a “yes” on demand and being able to show your team that network marketing skills earn money … not speeches, tools, leads and systems.

Both free, right here.

You combine this “method” with the tried and true Think and Grow Rich exercise and workbook, you’ll be in your own personal Kauai before you know it and having fun along the way.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Network Marketing Skills Earn Money
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