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No offense to anyone, really…but are motivational speeches:

A] The most boring thing all time

B] The biggest waste of time, ever

C] Both

#1 way of the 22 ways to beat a dead horse?  MLM Motivational Speeches
#1 way of the 22 ways to beat a dead horse? MLM Motivational Speeches

I’m not saying the peeps giving them aren’t trying [wink-wink, it’s a pitch if you’re at an MLM event with an outside motivational speaker on stage – good grief, what are these companies thinking!] or that they are not entertaining from time to time.

But, really, it’s like sitting in a nice warm bath, ya know?  Sooner or later, no matter how good that bath feels, you find yourself sitting in a puddle of cold, dirty water.

And, if we really want to get honest, outside of a very temporary mini-charge or giggle….what has ever changed for you? …and these great speeches at MLM events…whether they were done in house or the company brought in a hired gun who is pitching more motivational crap from the back of the room, what has ever changed except the balance on the credit cards of reps.  And it ain’t goin’ up, eh?

In early 1998 I listened to my heart…or head….whatever…and decided to act out on something I’d been feeling for 3 years.

Haven’t done a motivational thing since…made a lot more money for my teammates, myself and everyone elevated their game, effortlessly.

What was that?  What was that thought?  It was something Quincy Jones said and I just couldn’t get away from it.  Bunch of students wanted to what he did when he got discouraged, who motivated him.

He quietly said, ““If somebody can discourage you from your dream, then you should be.”


So how do you keep moving forward? Effortlessly?



I didn’t really mention this in the video…this is not a 1-2 hour webcast about Think and Grow Rich…if that’s where you’re at, the instant gratification thing, just pass.

See, until we find our dharma, we’ll never have passion.

In ancient Greece they didn’t do eulogies when people died.  Nope.  They asked one and only one question.

“Did s/he have passion?”

"if you can be discouraged, you should be"
“if you can be discouraged, you should be”

When you really understand the “exercise” that T&GR [Think and Grow Rich] is, everything changes.

Want to be a w-inner?  We’ve got to work on the Inner….we do that, the “w” shows up.

When you couple that with the skills in the 3 money making areas of network marketing….and there are 3….it’s game over.

You’ve got a choice….believe the lies that there is some magic system out there and you don’t need to find and put your motive into action [aka motivation] or you want to find the pathway to the riches in all areas of your life.

If you’re not sure, this should help you decide.  Are you enjoying the business or hoping you will once you get to a certain income level?

Are you having fun?   You can get early notification [2 days before others] by hopping on this list….yeah, I know, it’s a pain in the butt yet we want to reward folks like you who stop by, read and share….and the great comments, mahalo

And here is a link to T&GR…and a couple other excellent books to feed your mind, no upsell, of course.  [Just scroll down a tad when you get there]

Let me know what you think and thanks to so many of you for making us #18 in the world by sharing this site.


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post

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