Network Marketing Consulting is something I never thought I would be doing.  Hell, I didn’t even know that “job” existed back in the 1990s.  Having a chance to work with Network Marketing Companies let me know something important right away.

What’s that?

There are 2 types of network marketing companies… those that use hype and hope and do not train their distributors… and those that have a standardized system, Certified Trainers to train distributors and they don’t allow outside trainers.

Network Marketing Consulting

I believe the first two things a good consultant learns about a company is…

  1. Do they care about the field?
  2. Do they operate on sound business principles?

Sorry to disappoint you but by-and-large these companies DO NOT care about the field.   All that nonsense [and it IS NONSENSE] from stage or conference calls about how the company loves us and we’re a family, is all crap.  You already know this to be true.  Deep inside.

Does that make them bad?  Weak? Unethical?  Not really. The truth is, since this horrific marriage between network marketing and the internet, companies have been exposed as uncaring at best.  Sorry, but it is true.

See, by letting training programs go and allowing leaders to put up team training pages we [who are doing Network Marketing Consulting], we have divisions.  A division amongst leaders always leads to divisions among teams.   You’ve got distributors doing it Harry’s way when some people on their team want to do it Joanne’s way.  And, to make it worse, other people bring in these “gurus” who suck 10s of 1000s of dollars out of your organization.

That leads to conference calls where people, both upteams and downlines, are promoting generic trainers instead of your company.  Think about the last time that happened… and someone was so excited about what they were learning from XYZ Training… and couldn’t wait to share it with you and teammates, right?

… BUT…

The guys check is the same and his credit card balance is rising… next convention is off the table and finally autoship vanishes.

If they cared, they’d ban outside trainers and terminate anyone who promoted outside training.  I mean, really… who is better to teach your team than someone with your company who is succeeding.  If they cared, they’d have standardized training. Everybody knows duplication without standardization is a fairy tale.

The Second Point

Point two was “do they operate on sound principles?”

If they are not, we walk away.  It’s not a judgment it’s just that without principles as a foundation personalities take over.  Things like ego and greed surface.

network marketing consulting
Liars figure and figures lie. Ask the tough questions

How can you tell?

If someone on your team spends $125 on their autoship… but only 100 shows up as volume, their ethics are not intact.

See, saying we pay 20% … if it is 20% of $100, that’s a commish of $20.   And everybody knows $20 is not 20% of $125.  Why did you not get commissioned on the full amount, $125?

If you had 1000 distributors on autoship, that would mean 1000 $25 bills, or $25,000 a month… or $300,000 a year was not “commissioned”…

This is the dirty little secret in networking.  Breakage.  They are NOT paying 20% but rather 16% of the actual sale price.  Why the lie?

And it is a lie.

Network Marketing Consulting, overall, has been a joy.

Sadly, companies are cutting expenses by eliminating training programs, trainers, and standardization.

What’s your experience… for us to be misled about commissions with Breakage and allowing 20 leaders to each put up different training is an obvious nightmare to our potential.

So, what are your thoughts?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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