Admit it.  Come on, it’s OK.

Visions of Sugar Plums…

You enrolled and along with the doubt, visions of a better life, more money, more time to enjoy yourself, firing your boss…and lot’s of other cool things started dancing in your head.

Sure was that way for me.

It might as well have been a 24 screen Cineplex.

Big Money.

What if I fail?

Debt free.

What if I could make $10,000 a month by Christmas.

All these movies and others running at the same time in my head.

Two kids, a job, church, the gym…

I was raising 2 kids on my own.  Delivering seafood out of a van wasn’t hard work but it took 60-70 hours a week.  And all the other stuff.

Ever thought about the irony we create when we join a company and go for it?

We join to have more time with the family but the business takes 10 hours or more a week and we can’t take it from work.

So where does it come from?

Yup.  The family.  Ironic?  Yup.

But that irony actually sets up the biggest mistake we make, all of us.

Full Time or Part Time?

We can work, (that’s another blog, a long one.  geez, why do people have the idea building a residual income takes no work?).   Anyway, we can work our business full-time or part-time but we simply cannot work our business in our spare time.

And that is the mistake.  Right there.  Spare time.

We don’t have spare time, no one has ‘spare time.’

Adding 10 Hours In Weekly is An Adjustment

What happens in real life is during the ‘adjustment’ period of adding the business into our hectic lives and the uncertainty of what to do, most of our ‘spare time’ is spent on non-income producing activities.

Like surfing the net for short cuts, buying tools that ‘promise’ to find ‘hot prospects’ (there really is a sucker born every minute), and learning about the product or compensation plan or some other nonsense we engage in to avoid the one thing we need to do.

Talk to people.

Look, don’t get sucked into the speed factor, like it’s got to be built now and built big now.  No one needs that kind of stress.  No one makes good decisions under stress.

If you do, and most people do feel the stress, along with running our lives we decide to do the 1 thing, talk to people,  that will make a difference in our ‘spare time’ and since we never really have any spare time, we never do what really needs to be done.  

4 Things You Can Do Right Now

DECIDE – Understand a nice 2-3 year plan, at about 10 hours a week is enough to help anyone double their income from their job.  If you are making $45,000 at your job, decide if you want to double that in 2 or 3 years.  It will take about 8-10 hours weekly for 3 years or 12 hours a week for 2 years.  That’s a helluva raise.  Decide. 2-year plan?  3-year plan?  Be realistic with regard to your current life demands.

STORE HOURS – Once you’ve chosen a 2 or 3-year plan, decide which hours you will work your business – every week.  Let your family know what you are doing and why.  KEY:  Before setting your schedule up every week for the following week, make simple dates with them.  Let them know they are most important to you and these little dates (catch with your son, a walk with your spouse) mount up week after week into support.  When the ‘store’ is closed…DO NOT WORK OR TALK BUSINESS.

FOCUS ON THE MAIN THING – During the hours your ‘store’ is open focus exclusively on The Main Thing.  The Main Thing is talking to people about your business.  The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.  Focus on income producing activities for yourself and the people you enroll.  Period.

SKILLS  – Network marketing is just like any other business.  We need to learn the network marketing skills, talking to people, that will keep advancing our business.

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  • That is the key Mark. Talking to people! A lot of us get hung up on internet and feel that the tools that we invested in will do all the work for us. It only enables us to talk to more people. thats it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!


  • Amazingly when I started to talk to people instead of moving pixels around, good stuff started to happen.

  • Hi Mark,

    Another great post to steer us AND keep us heading in the right direction, i.e. keeping the main

    thing, the main thing ~ which is talking to people. I was once one of the many networkers

    who found all sorts of things to do besides talking to people. Now, with the simple skills I

    learned from your blog & Go90Grow, it’s a breeze sharing my biz with people.


  • Ha, ha, ha, so funny the way you put that, but you hit the nail right on the head, love it!!!

  • Right on Mark! We say, “network marketing is a relationship building business” and then we “avoid” talking to people at all costs!

    I resonated with every bit you posted here. TY for the simple truth here with everyone!


  • Every word spoke to me! With go90grow skills will be learned to grow my business. thanks Mark and Davene!

  • Mark this is a great post. All “new” network marketers need to learn the above skills to learn just how to be successful in Net Work Marketing.

  • network marketing is not that hard but if you work hard when you are in the early process then you’ll be able to understand how it works and when time goes by you’ll also be able to handle the people that are in your down line, it is just the concept of a good start without thinking about the future outcomes.

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