Network Marketer Training can seem overwhelming… everybody has a magic system or secret or hack that will make us rich and famous.   And none of it works.

Actually that’s not true… it works great for the peddlers of such magic.

Network Marketer Training

How about a little common sense before spending money…

Everybody says, “It’s all about relationships”…followed by?


Or quotes from more hacks that never build a damn thing.

Or words like… empower… lift… vision… [good grief]

Network marketer training
“Magic” formulas have been around for centuries. Protect your teammates with common sense

To improve relationships you’ve got to improve communication skills.   Little surprise coming here…

Do you know which relationship you need to improve the dialog with first?

Spouse?  Nope

Kids?  Nope

Teammates?  Nope

Who Comes First

Remember the game Clue? Let’s solve this common-sense mystery.

I am responsible for all the conditions in my life, just like you.

The common denominator in all of my circumstances is… me!

The common denominator in all your circumstances is you.

So the first relationship you’ve got to improve is the relationship that we have with ourselves.

So who comes first?  You

Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”   Now that used to seem extreme to me.  Not any more.

Everybody knows the ancestor of everything we have was first… thought.

The chair you are in… the device you’re reading this on… the clothes you’re wearing… everything began as a thought.

So will your success.. or, sorry, failure.   Any Network Marketer Training with a damn starts there and not with some stupid little goal or “why-do-you-want-to-do-this” statements are not going to get it done.

Let’s look deeper at the “who”… you.

Do you know you’ve got blind spots?

Do you know that at least half those blind spots are positive attributes you are not using?

Do you know what really drives you?  What your core motive is?

I was surprised to find out my core motive and what drove me… most people are.  That surprise turned into a fortune for ourselves and more importantly, our teammates.

Who What When Where and How

WHO– So the first relationship we need to work on is with ourselves.

WHAT – Self-examination from an impartial source to find blind spots, assets, and areas needing improvement

WHEN – Now!  If the pandemic has taught us one thing… life is short, be your best now.

WHERE – Right here I’ve set up a quick, fun quiz.. click here

HOW – Take the Colorcode quiz and then plug into our free online workshop.   We’ll be running a 10-week series so you improve… which, of course, improves your relationships with others, improves business results and performances.


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