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Network Marketer Training is a hot topic and what you’ll discover in this post will help intensify the heat.  A shift in the industry has opened a door to every peddler, self-proclaimed success and never-ending upsells.  Why?  And for what?  Let’s take the gloves off, shall we?

Network Marketer Training

When a guy or gal enrolls in an MLM for additional reasons beyond product use, they are officially a network marketer and they need training.  They need Network Marketer Training.  Simple.

Bunch of guys or gals get together and become “founders” of a company.  They are using a model that is based on the most powerful form of advertising on the planet, word-of-mouth.  Most people joining the first time have never run a business.

  • They don’t really know
    • how the compensation works…
    • Source of products ingredients
    • the founders…
    • How the business really works…
    • Just like me and you when we joined… a list like this and longer.

What does all that mean?  We need to get trained… BEFORE we blow through our warm list, not after.

Not All Change is Progress

The great, dual Hall-of-Famer, John Wooden said, “you need change to make progress but not all change is progress.”   In the mid-1990s Compaq came out with a very affordable desktop computer followed quickly by a host of others including Apple.

Some businesses, like travel agencies, took big hits and have vanished from the our landscape pretty much.  Others, like the seafood business, computers did a great job of altering things for the better including locating inventory.

Network marketing?  What a disaster. And what a shame!   Should have been, the marraige between MLM and computers, special… spectacular… stupendous!  It did not.  And both companies [I won’t make any friends here with what I am about to share] and leaders [nor here, 😂]… they have let money, bottom line, and ego turn what should have been the greatest marriage into a mess.

Network marketing companies, with extremely rare exceptions, do not train their reps!  OMG… Years ago they did and this lead to a standardized system, taught by Certified Trainers.

Network Marketing Training
Duplication without standardization is a fairy tale

There is no other way to tell you this.  Duplication without standardization is a pipedream… a fairy tale.

While these founders across the world with different companies get on stage and tell you “we love you” and “we’re family” … they provide zero training and, to make it worse, allow leaders to put up training sites.  Of course, each leader believes they know best… so now you’ve got 10-20 leaders all teaching something different.  Different words, approaches, ways to set goals… plans…

Why is this so bad?   In a business where duplication is the goal, it is worse than bad.  It is as bad as it gets.

No New Games, Just Different Players

Really?  As bad as it gets?  Why… you may ask.

Everybody knows division among leaders always leads to divisions among teams.   Moe, Larry and Curley want to do it Terry’s way but Moe’s bother wants to do it Jane’s way… who opposes Terry’s way of attraction marketing

Confused people don’t commit.

Guru’s aren’t the answer… just more confusion and more money out the window.

The companies are either dumb [get out] or greedy [get out] … for not offering a Certified Training program and outlawing all outside training.  Cost money to do it the right way but in the long run, makes you more money.   Founders don’t see it that way.  It’s a year to year expense they can dump of the field.  Which is OK except… it proves their stupidity or their greed.

And the leaders?  Good grief… this one falls under ego.  Why the top 10-20 earners don’t put a page that standardizes things is simple.  Ego.

We only do 5 things

  1. Get names and numbers
  2. Call with teammates and ask them to look at out stuff
  3. Show ’em our stuff
  4. Collect a decision
  5. Teach the ones who say “yes” at #4 and enroll how to do 1-4 by doing it with them.

You see, duplication, in the end, it caught, not taught.  Super Saturdays, conference calls and conventions… do not double in size even though the main theme is duplication.  Hands-on repetitions with a standardized system is the way to fame and fortune in network marketing.  Build that culture into your team and don’t just “tell”… make sure you show… it is in the show and tell, hands-on that we create the repetitions that are the mother of skill.

So everybody know they old saying, “well begun is half done” and that is really the best place to start training yourself for your success and business.   It all begins in the mind.   Emerso taught that “thought is the ancestor of everything.”   In all these years, I’ve never seen a person fail to have a bigger and bigger paycheck as they grew spiritually, emotionally… as they worked on themselves.  ON the other hand, those who did not but promised to once they started making big money, failed.  Every time.  Both sides… always the same.

Think about this for a second… it begins in your mind.  You get that right and what to let in and what to ignore [people peddling secrets, hacks, etc] …

Let’s get you started with a 7 day mental diet… the rule and download are right here 


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