Network Marketer Training that does not cover what is going on in the prospect’s head is really pointless. And yet, sadly, we see over and over and over an absence of this critical piece of information.

Network Marketer Training

I might be mistaken but isn’t the point of training to help people grow their business?  I’m not being sarcastic, just stunned at the complicated approaches to the business.

It’s not that complicated.  Maybe it’s the money.  I mean just because the income potential is virtually limitless maybe people think the training needs to be complex.  And I’m not even the crap the self-anointed gurus are peddling.

I hear great motivational stuff… unnecessary.

I hear great explanations as to why this is a REAL business… unnecessary.

I hear and see reams and reams of material on product… unnecessary.

And the pay-plan .. OMG… so unnecessary.  [I never showed a marketing plan after 1998]

Network Marketer Training I have seen over the last 15 plus years never, ever discusses what is going through the prospect’s head.

And… people continue to crunch through 100s and even 1000s of people to sponsor a few.  Buying, of course, the biggest lie in network marketing.  What’s that you ask?

You just have to find the right people.”

That’s another blog but if you SQ [sponsoring quotient] is not at least 50% you need to retrain yourself.

He’s A Liar

Our last 3 years building our closing ratio was 94%.  I can hear my naysayers and critics now… and leaders and of course the con artists who want you buying more leads, systems, tools, coaching and expensive events.

See, I don’t think that number is high.  I was always stunned that we didn’t have 100%.

Of course, like everyone else, I spent a few years banging my head against the wall and clinging to that #1 lie… “You just have to find the right people”

The New England Patriots dominated for 20 remarkable years… not because they had more talent, year in and year out they did not.

Network Marketing Training
They knew the opponent and practised that way

How’d they do it?

Preparation.  Yes, they improved as players weekly, stayed in shape but the real difference… they were better prepared for their opponents.  Period.

What is the application here? How did I go from sponsoring maybe 10% to over 90%?

Two things…

ONE:  I learned what was going on in the prospects’ head. [clue, it’s just 3 things if they are a prospect]

TWO: I learned what prospects think will make them successful.

When we showed the business, we gave them hard evidence that we provided, hands-on, the things they believed would make them successful.  [pssst… clue! It’s not the plan, product or company]

And, of course, we addressed the 3 things in their head.

Let me give you 3 things so you can dominate and up your SQ.

Do you get that if you do that you don’t need leads, magic systems, social media “hacks” ect.?

Think about that for a second.  What if 80% of the people you have shared your business with joined?

That’s a great number…but it is really nothing.  Do you see the MONSTER VALUE?

What if you taught them how to enroll 60-80% ?  Ut-oh, did you just get a “rush”.

First, this was a survey of over 10,000 people. And address the things people will make them successful in MLM.

Amazing that prospects know more than leaders, founders, and trainers about succeeding.

Network Marketer Training
Even prospects know support means success

All those surveyed had either tried MLM or were considering it. So the first thing we did was demonstrate support [not just tell]

I’ve got a video below, you’ll “get it” once you see how easy.

The next step was addressing the 3 things in the prospects head.

So here’s the deal in a nutshell.  This training is about the 3 things in every prospect’s head, click here

Couple that with the 40 minutes for the video and you’ll have about 90 minutes invested.

What would the New England Patriots do?

Promise to do it later?  Skip through some of it?  {yeah, I’m a coach not a coaxer LOL]

Oh, just in case you were wondering, you won’t find upsells or anything for sale in either one.

You can [if you decide to be a Super Bowl Winner in network marketing and become great at network marketer training] pay me [here comes the catch], by doing three things.

  1. Leave a comment
  2. Share it with your team [unless you don’t want them sponsoring more]
  3. Most importantly, get the biggest check you can


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  • Really to the point and cutting thru all the Crap! Thanks for sharing. Everyday I am getting more and more knowledge that I never had before after all the books I was told to read and all the stuff I was told to do. You put it the way I need it told to me and now I just have to follow.

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