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The self help gurus and MLM leaders aren’t going to like it but the truth is the truth.

Leadership, as currently touted in MLM, is not only dramatically over-rated……it’s harmful.

Imagine a new person just signed up with you and they plug into all these rousing leadership speeches.

It creates fear.


80% or more is linked to nonsense that does not apply to networking and the other 20% is linked to the leaders’ volume, pin level and years in the business.

And Sally, your new sign up, is overwhelmed.

But what will they follow if they don’t follow the BIG HITTER?



All you have to do is lead them to the next step both effectively and efficiently.


There’s an old saying in MLM… soon as we reclaim our common sense, our paycheck doubles.

I’m not sure it’s true….my experience is that it more than doubles.

What behavior does Sally, your new rep, need to engage in with you to build her confidence?

It’s a multiple choice…..easy one for you and a great reminder for me.

  1. Learn John Maxwell’s Leadership Principles?
  2. Listen to the top earners who’ve been doing this for 10 or 20 years and love talking about themselves and leadership?
  3. Learn everything about the plan, product and company like ‘leaders’ do?
  4. Talk to people and earn some money?

If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.   That’s a common sense and it’s pay raise. BOOM!

All you have to do is make calls with them, teach them the network marketing skills that get a ‘yes’……and repeat until they master it.

Very simple 3-step tip here……and it’s huge….

STEP 1 – find out what Sally desires and help her engage in the 1 behavior that will create checks.   The problem with the blow-hearts talking about leadership is that they always talk about results.  This is a massive mistake.  And I can prove it, [previous post].

Sally is looking to you……not the plan, product, company or leaders [wink-wink] she hears on conference calls [for goodness sake, limit her to a max of 1 month that you choose…..not her] ….she’s looking to you.   She won’t tell you but bank it as a truth that will make you wealthy.  So lead… teaching here the skills hands on.    The cool thing?   It’s the only leading you ever have to do.   Lead by example, demonstrating the only income producing, goal advancing behavior in the MLM biz.

Influence is everything. Focus on behaviors, not results.
Influence is everything. Focus on behaviors, not results.

And when she does, if you’ll focus on her desires and link them to the behavior she must engage in to obtain her objective, you’ll become a top 5% producer in MLM.

Sally is now ‘influenced’ by you and ready to make calls with you.

STEP 2 – be prepared.  Getting a ‘yes’ 80+% of the time is a skill.   Everybody knows we simply cannot teach what we do not know.  You’ve got to learn and demonstrate the skills.

STEP 3 – repeat.  Go through the same process with Sally’s new people and Sally listening.  Soon you become a group of people helping people learn the skills hands on.  And….new people joining will, as I said in the video, ‘copy’ the behavior of the group to gain acceptance.  This is a pretty simple skill that insures duplication.

Without question, by focusing on Sally’s desire and linking that to behaviors, not results, will gain influence…..all you have to do is execute.

Did your upteam make calls with you?

Teach you the skills?

Work with your personals?

And their personals?

…..would it have made a difference?

No matter.

What matters is that you do it because it’s you that is going to be the difference, in the end….in Sally’s success.

Want more common sense…..and a pay raise?   Grab these video skills, scheduled for the 11th of October a day early.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing

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