why mlmers struggle

Why MLMers Struggle

The nonsense online these days is stunning.

The leveraging of people’s passion, fear, and inexperience for pure profit and greed is mind-boggling.

Somehow this great tool, the inter-webbie thing, has become a playground for ‘want-to-be’s’ who don’t know what the real objective of network marketing really is.

Do you?

I failed 5 times in the 1980s in this industry, and, since 1993 I have been blessed beyond my imagination.

What changed?

I got, somehow, a shred of my common sense back.

Well, that’s not quite accurate.  I must confess that ‘I” didn’t get it back.  That would sound like “I” had something to do with the shift.   It was a conversation in a hotel lobby that made me realize I had, like so many MLMers, lost any and all common sense as soon as I enrolled.

Wifey, The Fabulous Davene, likes to say, “As soon as people enroll their passion extinguishes their common sense.”

She’s right.

So, really, what changed?

If we are aiming at the wrong target does it really matter if we hit the bulls-eye?

We had a BFO, (Brilliant Flash of the Obvious), and BAM… we realized, and I still cringe today, we had been spending all our time and effort based on what others told us the target/objective was!

So, what is it?  The objective?

The really cool thing is that you don’t even need to be great at it – or good at it for that matter.  Just a C, C+ will make you rich.  No kidding.


I just love how people talk about ‘integrity’ and ‘ethics’ of the company, and how ‘important’ is it to them personally. Yet, shockingly, refuse to work with their people and the people they sponsor.

When we ‘pitch’ someone, we are making a direct or implied promise that we can help them create a different outcome.  Knowing they don’t know what to say or do to be effective would mean, by anyone’s standards, that if we abandon them once they enroll, we lied.   Period.

Sending people to a site and letting them know where and when conference calls are, and doing no more is unethical.  But let’s leave that rant for another day.  Just know that there are NO SECRETS.  It will save you and your teammates $1000s of bucks… each.

Just from a business point of view, working hands-on with people we enroll then working with the folks we HELP them sponsor is the foundation of hitting the objective:  Teams that build effective teams WITHOUT you.   Both free network marketing skills are right here, just scroll down …to locate How to be A Great Story Teller and The 3-Deep Pattern.

Social proof?  About team?

If You Help them, they'll help others
If You Help them, they’ll help others

Would you like a sponsor and up-team who, once they enrolled you, got you trained about ‘what’ to do and then demonstrated ‘how’ to do it with your list?

Earning you money while you were learning from people who were succeeding?

This is the essence of what we do – ‘show and tell’.  The training you send them to ‘tells’ and we ‘show’ them, hands on.

Would you like that or just prefer to be sent to a getting started page?

One hits the right target… the other does not.

And done correctly, it helps us ‘get it’.

“Get” what?

The duplication thing.  Once I ‘got it’ getting the objective accomplished was easy.

The ‘get’ part?

Understanding that duplication cannot be ‘taught’ …and, we’ve put that proof and the networking skill you’ll need to get duplication together for you, right here, free, of course, with no upsells, special versions or webcasts you need to pay for…


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing


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  • Wow! Great advice, definitely different from what I heard until today. “Sponsor 60-100 at least to get to the highest level”, really is most of the focus is about sponsoring and not duplication.
    Mark, it blew my mind: 22 people to 10,000. I guess there is a better way 😉
    Are the 3-Deep Pattern and Storytelling the keys?

  • Hi Mark,

    This post was fantastic but of course
    I enjoy all your posts. In my 15 years in this business you’re the best teacher I’ve ever had.

    Talk to you soon!

  • Mahalo Mark….

    Humbled by your very kind words…..looking forward to meeting you……Kauai is calling!

    Coffee on us

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Mahalo Snir…..

    The “KEY” is teams…..that can enroll people and build teams….that can ‘copy’ that pattern…..

    The ‘pins’ that support the key? 3-Deep & Story Telling

    Story telling is massive in the getting them in easily……but it is the 3-Deep Pattern that creates the team thing….

    mark j

  • Mahalo Darren…..

    I’ve got news for you….had the pleasure of watching you push yourself the last few weeks….my friend, you’ve already started carrying the message honestly and transparently…..it’s been a gift seeing you dig deeper every week….helpful questions, great effort daily..wow…..BRAVO!

    mark j

  • Another stunningly refreshing post Mark!

    Be a leader by….being a leader. Being means teaching, cutting learning curves, actively participating in your team’s growth.

    Avoid holding hands for extended periods but hey, if you are inspiring, how you should be inspiring, most of your team will not need hand holding….they will aggressively pursue their dreams due to your inspiration.

    Love the insight here Mark, thanks!


  • 10,000 peeps from just 22 peeps, taught properly … I am so glad I dropped in here today! Gives me another boost and is going up on my Go90Grow wall in big letters. Thank you for restoring my hope, giving me some great skills and making NM fun again x

  • Awesome as usual! Please keep them coming and I’m looking forward to building my team the right way! (the Mark J way!) Thanks for all of your great advice and I’m always looking forward to what’s coming next from you!

  • Thanks again Mark. Always great when you hit the nail on the head and make it clear. I have found that now I listen to only a few mentors about network marketing and stay away from all the ads and hype. You are one of the mentors that I trust because what you say just makes sense! It is so simple and yet so difficult. I am working hard at trying to harmonize my actions and thoughts to my dreams and vision for my family. You are a great help in that direction and I appreciate it.


  • Nice…….Makes perfect sense Mark……I appreciate the tip. I will effectively use in my daily business routines.


  • What a novel idea, recruit AND train, amazing. Funny how my head continues to hurt went I keep banging it against the wall, but it starts to feel better when I stop the banging my head…


  • Thanks again Mark. Team building is were its at. Using these two skills has definitely helped our company grow.

  • You mentioned that you would tell me how to build a team. Pleasse let me know. I am in SocialZing right now. I had been in two other MLM companies but never went anywhere.

    I really want this SocialZing to work. Please help.

  • This should help me to really get a good start. I have been standing still for too long.

  • Mark, you are a joy to listen to. Very insightful, inspirational and great content. I am enjoying your contributions very much. The biggest hurdle nowadays with so many people out there looking and almost as many people out there sharing their opinion as well is to actually being noticed in the first place, then listened to in the second place. Only then do you have a chance to getting someone to be interested and listen to you again.
    What is the most effective way to do that?

  • Aloha Nancy

    Once people know the target, it’s pretty easy to get rolling….

    Focus on the dreams of others, help them get specific and don’t pressure them to map out the rest of their life……sometimes people think in 3 – 6 month intervals…..let them pick what’s important now and help them get it…..show them the pattern, service to others and teams will begin to form; people helping others get what they need or want….

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Mahalo Gerhard

    Your kind words are humbling, thank you.

    The easiet way to get people to ‘listen’ is to help them ‘listen’ to themselves…we must raise their curiosity about their own life [lots of skills on the site will help you get this going] and sincerely have a desire to help them learn to help themselves…..most people think their Plan/Product/Company is important….it is not. It has nothing to do with why people join. It is important in believing in what we do….but people join people, not plans/products or companies.

    We don’t change people’s lives….we can help people learn to help themselves…..by listening and making an ethical decision as to whether or not we can acutally help them help themselves.

    We teach this in Go90Grow, [link above] …..but for now…..simply find within yourself the key to success…being in service to others without expectation of resiprosity…..this ‘spot’, as long as it is sincere…will make you and your efforts irresibtible to hearing your offer….

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Aloha Kathy

    Focus on the dreams of others and learn the skills …..so you can teach them how to help themselves.

    In the end, authentic success is about service without expectation….

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Mark J is a Fabulous trainer. Highly recommend Go90Grow to anyone in NWM. Thank you Mark for taking the time to help so many thousands of people who could see the vision but didn’t know how to achieve it. Your training opens doors…quite literally…and restores faith in a brilliant business model and personal ability.

  • Mahalo Sandra

    You words are appreciated and humbling….the truth is no one can really ‘see it’ …. or… understand ‘it’ ….unless it was already within them.

    Your efforts, clearly, have drawn out of you what was already within and while we thank you for your generous praise, truth-be-told, it has been you that recognized faith, brilliance and ability that was within you all the time……your effort and subsequent growth is all you Sandra. BRAVO!

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Thanks Mark, great content as always. I always learn something great from you. We can make one promise to others, they will get out of their biz, what they put into it:)

  • Thanks again Mark. It’s a huge change of conciousness for me. I’ve been looking for a better way to approach people, everything that I’ve been told until now just didn’t sit well with me. I’m probably one of the slowest starters on your site here, but I have every intention of building this this business so that my family can live a life of peace and prosperity and show others how they can do the same. Thank you.

  • Where do you find the teachable? I have been trying off & on for10 years. I can’t find anyone who will stick with it, or make the effort.

  • Thanks for stopping by Jim

    The toughest lesson I’ve ever faced was that ALL the people enrolled by me and my group could not ALL be wrong for the business.

    Turns out once I embraced the idea that we were poor coaches, teaching the wrong things……funny thing happened…..some really good people magically showed up.

    And the better we get at coaching [starting with KNOWING what that means] ….BAM! More good people AND good coaches show up.

    Inside go90grow© the coaching element is ultimately the most valuable…..

    It hurt me to embrace that in 7 years ….no one was right……but, through that hurt came freedom….

    Check out the go90grow link……

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • And I always get encouraged and often learn from you…..

    You are soooo right about promises 🙂

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Mark, I have been in and out of network marketing for many years. Have made some good money in the past but looking to put it all together again at this current time. You training has brought back to mind a lot of what we used to do before the internet. Just good old heart to heart conversations. Your training is the most helpful I have ever run across. Thank you.

  • Humbled by your very kind words Wes…..clearly the internet has created lots of great opportunites to help us yet is has brought many staggering confusion….. for many, the basics have been lost in the new technologies, mirco-wave thinking and a false belief that we can leverage the web to build our business…….in the end, lest we forget, if we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people and your point, ‘just a good old fashion heart to heart conversation’ is the point. Pros like you ‘get it’ and we appreciate you

    mark j

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