Blog   Most MLMers Struggle. Why? Aiming At The Wrong Target


The nonsense online these days is stunning.

The leveraging of people’s passion, fear and inexperience for pure profit and greed is mind-boggling.

Somehow this great tool, the inter-webbie thing, has become a playground for ‘want-to-be’s’ who don’t know what the real objective of network marketing really is.

Do you?

I failed 5 times in the 1980’s in this industry……..and, since 1993 I have been blessed beyond my imagination.

What changed?

I got, somehow, a shred of my common sense back…..well, that’s not quite accurate.  I must confess that ‘I” didn’t get it back…..that would sound like “I” had something to do with the shift.   It was a conversation in a hotel lobby that made me realize I had, like so many MLMers, lost any and all common sense as soon as I enrolled.

Wifey, The Fabulous Davene, likes to say, “As soon as people enroll their passion extinguishes their common sense.”

She’s right.

So, really, what changed?

If we are aiming at the wrong target does it really matter if we hit the bulls-eye?

We had a BFO, [Brilliant Flash of the Obvious], and BAM…..we realized, and I still cringe today, we had been spending all our time and effort based on what others told us the target/objective was.

So, what is it?  The objective?

The really cool thing is that you don’t even need to be great at it…..or good at it for that matter……just a C, C+ will make you rich……no kidding



I just love how people talk about ‘integrity’ and ‘ethics’ ……of the company…..and how ‘important’ is it to them personally……..yet, shockingly, refuse to work with their people and the people they sponsor.

When we ‘pitch’ someone, we are making a direct or implied promise…..that we can help them create a different outcome……. knowing they don’t know what to say or do to be effective…….would mean, by anyone’s standards, that if we abandon them once they enroll……we lied.   Period.

Sending people to a site…..and letting them know where and when conference calls are……and doing no more is unethical.  But let’s leave that rant  for another day……just know that there are NO SECRETS… will save you and your teammates $1000s of bucks…….each.

Just from a business point of view…..working hands on with people we enroll then working with the folks we HELP them sponsor is the foundation of hitting the objective:  Teams that build effective teams WITHOUT you.   Both free network marketing skills are right here, just scroll down ….to locate How to be A Great Story Teller and The 3-Deep Pattern.

Social proof?  About team?

If You Help them, they'll help others
If You Help them, they’ll help others

Would you like a sponsor and up-team who, once they enrolled you… you trained about ‘what’ to do and then demonstrated ‘how’ to do it with your list?

Earning you money while you were learning from people who were succeeding?

This is the essence of what we do…..’show and tell’…..the training you send them to ‘tells’ and we ‘show’ them, hands on.

Would you like that or just prefer to be sent to a getting started page?

One hits the right target….the other does not.

And……done correctly……it helps us ‘get it’ ……

“Get” what?

The duplication thing……once I ‘got it’ getting the objective accomplished was easy.

The ‘get’ part?

Understanding that duplication cannot be ‘taught’ ……and, we’ve put that proof and the networking skill you’ll need to get duplication together for you, right here, free, of course, with no upsells, special versions or webcasts you need to pay for…..


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing


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