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Are you aiming at the wrong target?


We were making money but it was a rock fight.

Came to find out, like most MLMers, I was aiming at the wrong target.

I was taught, by well-meaning people, what they had been taught.

When looking at their businesses, they were a mess.  They were making OK money but working constantly.  Something was wrong…

I sat and thought about it for about 2 weeks, straight – no kidding and BAM!  Massive discovery.

Biggest discovery I had made up to that point was that we needed some network marketing skills if we were going to make some money.

This, by far, had a massive impact on our career and the careers of hundreds.

Relationship marketing?

Popular phrase these days.  Total bullshit from most networkers.

Why do I say that?


The pundits who preach ‘relationship marketing’ are far more interested in ‘avoiding’ the terms: Network marketing and Multi-level marketing.

Good grief.  If your model is so great, why are you hiding the name?

If your company is so great, the industry is so great, why are you ashamed to tell people what we do?

And while we are on the subject… ever notice how these ‘relationship marketers’ never tell you ‘how’ to have effective relationships?   We call that a ‘clue’ …eh?

I know you get it, but

So teams… how do you build teams?

There have been lots of ‘behavioral’ tests which I’ve used for years with my leaders and their leaders.

The BIG money? Teams
The BIG money? Teams

I’ve got a free version set up as promised, right here.  Once you know your authentic motive and your teammates, communication improves.

We’ll be covering a lot of this in the upcoming go90grow session, so make sure you jump on the early notification list

I just got sick and tired of people telling me ‘communication’ is the key to relationships and no tools, no ideas, no nuthin’.

I mean, really?  Telling people relationships are important and be a better communicator?

You’ll love this, it will nail your motive... and we’ll show you how to use them in the next few weeks if you’d like.

So find out a little about yourself and your teammates.

Pretty hard to build a ‘team’ if you don’t know what makes you and others tick.  Once you do and you know the correct target, it’s game over.

Let me know how you feel about this… I’d love to hear your thoughts.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker 

Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing
Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing
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  • Mark another brilliant video and post. Gosh you make sense. Relationships are built when you help people get cheques – love it! Yes I’ve been guilty of this relationship hoo har but your post shows it in a different light. Build teams to build teams – brilliant.

  • Always think “team” that build “team” Love this. Especially the part of the leaders that get people’s checks.

  • Most people speed read through the content on posts but don’t do it this time!
    Links to the list for the next go90grow session and the color code are embedded. So click the links and get positioned for growth.

  • I keep taking these tests and I keep getting an answer I do not like! It fits with a recent experience. I am looking and only willing to build a team of a dozen people just like me.

    Recently I was working with someone who just finished college with a business degree, can’t find a job and claims they are willing to do anything to be successful. I walked them through the steps. I sent them the material. I walked them through the material and said all they needed to do was change the url’s to theirs and copy and paste the information into their preferred email system to send to the list we built together.

    Then I asked if they had any questions.

    They said, “What is a url?” and “How do you copy and paste?”

    I am clearly not the color that likes to teach. I LOST IT.

    I told them to go to YouTube and LOOK IT UP!

    I am looking and only willing to build a team of a dozen people who are self starters, motivated and inspired by themselves and will figure it out, no matter what it takes, just like me.

    Sorry if that is the wrong answer. I won’t work with all the colors anymore.

  • Thanks Mark,
    I love it. I have always wanted to communicate to people that we should
    want to be a part of a close knit group and travel the world together while
    being a part of an extended family unit. That is how championships
    are won. Everybody committing to one another to help all teammates,
    “Get a Ring!”
    Love it.
    Brian Howard.

  • I saw Big Al last night and he passes his regards to you Mark. Teams is what its all about. Find a self starter and invest time in getting his team together so that he can invest time in doing the same. Its OK to sign up new team members but if they straight zero, what is the point? Three Deep is the first traffic light of building a good team. Rinse out the zeros invest time two levels deep in the identified team leaders who have the direction, attitude and belief to move this incredible concept forward.

    Believe… That spring has arrived in England. That’s an edgy one! Best. Peter

  • in short, money talks, bs walks. It really is about building teams to build teams so you dont have to. And no better way to strike or keep interest then to see those checks!!! Rock On !

  • Thanks Mark.
    I Have loved MLM and MLMers for 30+ yrs.
    We need more MLMers like you shouting on FaceBook
    and Twitter about MLM being the best opportunity
    in the history of the world.
    MLMer for live.

  • Greg, your kind words, coming from a PRO like yourself mean a lot to both myself and The Fabulous Davene….

    We appreciate you Greg

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Hi Mark,

    I love the way that you mentioned about the ineffectiveness of leads and systems. Relations is important. I was once gone too far down the relationship road. Result? Less-than-satisfactory in Team Building!

    Excellent success tips for anyone who has determined to go PRO. Thank you for sharing, Mark!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  • Hi Mark;

    Powerful message and very enlightening too. Getting leads and more leads is not enough unless, those leads are determined to success in their network marketing business by attracting people like themselves who will also get “action takers” who will follow up to build a team.I mean, how can one go on if he/she is not getting results?? As my mentor teaches if I show you how to get the money, you will show others to do the same; they will grow and we will all grow.Relationship alone is not enough, it does not pay the bills, does it?
    Thank you for sharing your message.
    God bless,

  • Great points…..this is why the ‘3-deep pattern’ [in skill area] is the key to the vault, helping them ‘hands-on’ learn what to do, how to do it and how to do it better and faster….

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