7 MLM Mistakes

Why seven?

Could be a longer list… and surely people will debate it … BUT… my experience has taught me if we fire pre-emptive strikes at these 7 MLM mistakes, all the other stuff people say is important ‘to do’ or ‘to avoid’ never comes into play.

Here they are … and how to avoid them.


Manage yourself, not time
Manage yourself, not time

People spend money and time on time management.  And, that is what it cost them – money and time.

Time management is a huge mistake and since no one gets more time in a day no matter what they do, I have this as the number 1 mistake.


You cannot manage time.


Yup.  Think about it.  No matter what you do to a day, an hour or a minute… will it behave any differently?


Instead of managing time, which we cannot do… we need to learn to manage ourselves.

Spend 80% or more of your time at the ‘traction’ point… that is the point that is goal advancing and/or income producing and something stunning occurs.   Time management becomes to you what it becomes to all successful people… a waste of time… something people discuss and whine about so they can avoid what needs to be done.

What needs doing is contacting prospects… and managing ourselves with honesty.   That dissolves this insane and epidemic compulsion to control what we cannot… time.

AVOIDING MISTAKE 1: Manage ourselves, not time.



It’s great if you love your plan, product, company and/or ‘revolutionary concept’ you are working.

More information and bigger lists will not sell it… so we add more information and move it around… add graphics… video… more, more, more.

They say no-n0-no faster and faster…


Information is not what makes people decide to buy.  Sorry, but that is the way it is.

They make a decision to look, and look with an open mind in less than 12 seconds.

Invest in communication, not adding information.

It is a skill.  Learn how to communicate without jargon and pay plans and ingredients and then results will soar.

While everyone says it’s about relationships, no one tells you how to be a better communicator.  The first step is learning about yourself and how what you say will land on all 4 basic personality types.

Eliminate jargon and learn about yourself by taking this test.   It’s free.

Have your teammates take it and talk to their core values, not from your core values.

AVOIDING MISTAKE 2: Place communication skills first.



Most people start home-based businesses part-time and quickly put in so many hours that their life is out of balance… and challenges in the home, at work, with the kids, everything, occur and get worse.

At this point we all make Mistake 1… try to manage our time instead of ourselves…

Long hours do not work.   If your business is not a good deal tomorrow, it is not a good deal today and while the sense of urgency is great… keep balance in your life.

Long hours make no one successful in the things that really matter… and being successful in the things that really matter is why people join.

When we worked, we worked… when we were not working, we never talked about the business.   Building a 6-figure income is simple once you have the skills.

Make sure your current and new teammates do it too.   MLM can quickly throw the delicate balance of a home out of whack.   Make a date weekly with your spouse and kids.   Once you insist on this from your teammates, they’ll believe you care about them as people, not strictly as a business partner you make money on.  Folks, this is HUGE.

AVOIDING MISTAKE 3: Set store hours and stick to it, insist new peeps do it too.



Make the goals of others your top priority
Make the goals of others your top priority

Goals WON’T build your business.  They are the reason to do your business but they won’t BUILD your business.

Go show 10 people your goals and ask them, “Will you join my business?”

Helping other people get what they want is important but you must know how to help them.

Once people know you care about others, they are more likely to take your coaching than they are if you’re talking about what’s in it for you.

AVOIDING MISTAKE 4:  Dedicate yourself to the goals of others.



For years I had “Think and Grow Rich” as my core approach and I had some successes… only to see them unravel.


Poor nutrition and lack of sleep.

The last chapter in those classic works by Hill and Stone stressed proper nutrition, rest and a full 8 hours of sleep.  I avoided them like many other people.  That is, I avoided this sound advice and lost my edge.  Like many others I have met over the years they also lost their edge and became “edgy”.

Whatever your business is, if it’s going to last, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Hundreds of conversations with people working at home lets me know they go 2 or 3 days without taking the time to keep their body and mind well tuned.

AVOIDING MISTAKE 5:  Get some exercise every day, eat right, bathe and get a minimum of 8 hours of shuteye.

MISTAKES 6 & 7? 

Listen in…

Get going right now… with feedback from your team and upline.   Here’s where you can set up your own surveys, free.   It will cost you thousands of dollars or make you thousands of dollars.   Ever seen a rich know it all?

We simply master the skills, teach the skills hands-on, keep other’s dreams first and ask for feedback, constantly.   As your team sees you taking their feedback and making adjustments, their willingness to be led by you increases dramatically…

And once you’ve learned and can teach people how to get possibilities to share their reason for looking, it’s game over.   Here’s the link to the free quiz to help you discover your personality type and your teammates’ personality – it’s the only way to improve communication.

New Year’s Resolutions?  Fuggettaboughtit.

Avoiding these 7 MLM mistakes proactively will crush 2015 for you.


I love lists and certainly one could debate the order of this one… but… there’s always a “but” when someone like me wants to justify his list.

… But my 20 years of successes and failures has shown me that aligning oneself with these 7 little things eliminates the 7 most common mistakes people make.

So try it out for a week and let me know how it goes – just type in the Comment Box.  I believe you’ll find it’s a lot more fun when you have eliminated mistakes before they happen rather than dealing with them after.

There are only two types of networkers in the world… those who make these 7 mistakes constantly and are always cleaning up messes & giving motivational speeches, and those who avoid these mistakes and have productive teams that let their team’s rank advancements motivate their new people.

keep giving to keep growing


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
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