Sponsor More By Picking Right Team

Your upline is your choice

There is no question that picking the right upline (actually, I like the term ‘up-team’ much better) makes a major difference in your success and leads to more sponsoring.

You may believe since you’ve already been sponsored that this is not an important post for you but that would not be accurate.   The best way to build a big team is through your personals and to do that we simply must become the sponsor that we would want ourselves.  Additionally, knowing 3 key points will help you sponsor more people.


Simple.  Most people are a little reluctant to join.   If you know what today’s avatar is looking for and how to reassure them of your commitment to them, they enroll.

Let me suggest you ‘grab a pen’ and jot these 3 points down.   Look at them… and ask the tough questions.

Tough Questions

Does my upteam give me all 3 of these things?

If they gave me these 3 things, would my chances improve?

What else can you think of that would create an ideal sponsor that would help you get the most out of both yourself and the opportunity you are working?

The 3 things?

Key Points and Promise

New people don’t understand the comp plan, product or business.  Letting them make calls on their own is throwing them to the sharks.   Really.

When connecting with the upteam, get a promise that they will make initial calls with you for 30 days minimum and give you 2-3 hours each, every week.

Once you’ve got the initial call ‘down pat’ use them for the next 30 days to plug people into them to close for you.

Upteams work for you.  They earn off your efforts.  If they are not willing to invest their time in you, you can ‘bank’ that they will not invest in your team.

Listen, Learn and Practice

IF They Won't Give You Hands On Help? Bounce
If They Won’t Give You Hands On Help? Bounce

Now, you’ve got to do your part too.   Listen and learn and practice so you can do it on your own.   But use them to close.  After all, if they are making 5000-11,000 a month, they know how to enroll people.   Do not enroll without this promise and, personally I don’t enroll until all 3 have set up the schedule with me for the first 2 weeks.

Upteams are famous for saying, “I’m here to help if there is anything you need let me know.”  What a crock of bullshit.

New people don’t know what they need and are probably a tad intimidated by the success of others so they never call and ask.   How convenient, eh?  They get to sound like great guys or gals… but never do anything to really help.

Is there any doubt that the ‘initial contact’ with prospects is where everybody needs help?   So when they tell you “if there is anything I can do’ tell them, “I want you to make 2-3 hours of initial calls a week for the first month with me.”

If they decline… walk!

If you volunteer these things to prospects… they will join.   Here’s the post that proves that is EXACTLY what people are looking for.  And you’ll sponsor more and have more people sponsoring.   Learning the networking marketing skills from people succeeding is the key to building a quick success story.

As an additional point, if you are in between companies… you, not the person who contacted you, have the right to pick who you want to sponsor you.   Ask the tough questions first and you’ll avoid tough situations later.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing
Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing
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  • ”I’m here to help, if there is anything you need let me know.” – heard this a year or so back from a guy who had made over 4 million dollars from his previous MLM. Every time I spoke with him he couldn’t wait to end the call with that phrase – when I called him back (several times) to see if he was available to talk with people..somehow he was missing.

    I “picked” him (wrong choice!) because of his track record and the company – plus..the guy I really wanted to sign up with (who had made over 12 million dollars from the industry – couldn’t be bothered to return my calls) …

    Eventually..my “sponsor” left the company to build a team somewhere else – did I miss him? Not a bit! 😉

    Choosing a sponsor is not easy but I think you’ve made a great point in asking them to commit specifically Mark.

    Until next time!


  • Mark
    Wow. Thank you for that. I think this is your best short training video yet. So true! Too many people jump around into multiple deals and never commit….
    Henry Vigeant

  • I’m feeling your pain Neil…..

    The sad thing is the ego of many earners prevents them
    from looking at the fact they are leaving 2-3x as much on the table…getting people trained so they can do the right things right is where the big money lives….

    appreciate you stopping by and sharing Neil

    mark j

  • Oh MARK! You are definitely SINGING to me. Not only does your message remind everyone who is a SPONSOR to “Step Up” but also the importance of this being a TEAM.

    When we decide to BUILD a business, and sponsor someone into the team, we also need to know that it is not about the GET and DROP. I see this far too much and guess what…. the people are out there treading water.

    I too have learned HOW to PICK my upline and let me say I get more choosy as the years go on. The reality is that we will be working with that person for years to come. So here is the DEAL, someone gets an EMAIL with the lovely GET IN message. What that message should say, “IF YOU are STUPID enough to reply to this EMAIL and you have no idea who I am and you do not know my phone number to call me…. YOU need to HIT THE DELETE BUTTON!” ….laughing

    IF the person does know the individual and their phone number, do ONLY one thing. PHONE THEM!

    I will mention a LITTLE SECRET, once you have CHOSE the RIGHT SPONSOR, UPLINE and TEAM….you need to STEP UP. Choosing your upline is not a complete picture of your success, it is only 50%.

    WHAT do I do to ensure my success? I STEP UP every day, I have GOALS and OUTCOMES. I have focused on this success.

    and I LOVE that I have friends like you who are out there SHOWING the way and telling people how to succeed.

    Bless you!


    PS: I want to see the turtles!

  • Tremendous points Beverly!

    Once the ‘upteam’ challenged is solved…..then we find the responsibility where it needs to be…..on us.

    I don’t even really see upteams as 50%, but why quibble…..the bottom line is they need to be an ACTIVE ASSET so we’ll get off our butts!

    I know how closely you work with your personals and theirs….BRAVO!! In my ‘tribe’ we call that a ‘clue’

    peace be the journey

    mark j

  • Once again I realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Now that I know what I know I make the choice to ask my up team that I have the 3 questions and get answers, AND I become the sponsor that provides the 3 important aspects of a GREAT sponsor!!!

    I have access to at least 2 top earners, I have the time to give 5-8 hours to my new teams members, and I have been through the skill sets of T$GR to have the specified Knowledge to teach them to my team!!
    Thank you for teaching me how to sponsor ME, and be the up team my team members trust, and teach their team to teach their team and create a legacy!!
    Mahalo! KaHuna!!

  • So many great point Joseph

    But above all….your stellar point about sponsoring ‘yourself’ really shines……this is the most important thing we have to do….bar none

    mark j

  • Hello Mark.J,
    LEED the way I’m game to learn anything that will help my business to grow. Tony

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