Winning in MLM

WINNING in MLM in 2015 

Real quick, in case you missed yesterday’s blog… there are 2 parts to winning in 2015.

What does that mean?

It exceeds your expectations and you get it done stress-free.

Winning? Eliminate fear with PPPP and Plan Perfectly
Winning? Eliminate fear with PPPP and Plan Perfectly

I mean, really, what’s the point of building a business… or anything, for that matter, where stress is the hallmark.   Yuck.

So saying mahalo, (thank you here on Kauai, HI), for all the sharing, comments and spreading the word about this site we wanted to give you a simple 2-Step training.

In yesterday’s post, (view that here) we covered how to eliminate fear.   If you haven’t caught it, I highly recommend that first… before understanding why these 9 words are directly responsible for successful annual planning meetings that have led to record-breaking numbers, year after year.

What’s the point of drawing up a winning plan if fear will prevent one from executing?

OK, assuming you’ve learned the simple PPPPP thing that eliminates fear… here are those 9 words.


Winning in MLM is this simple

OK, once you’ve done those 2 things, it’s easy for MLMers from here on in.  Good friend, Claes Wallenberg, living the dream on the ocean in Cypress, (yeah, the one in Europe, not FL) likes to say, when building the plan… “let’s get down to what needs to be done, let’s get past the ‘lipstick and make-up’ and get down exactly what we need to do.”

The difference between knowing what to do and doing it?

Whether or not we schedule it.

I’m not talking about scheduling it on your iPhone or iPad or whatever.   Fine to use those as a reminder but once you’ve answered that second question, the 4-word question, write it down.  Weekly.

So add and live by this …

If it isn’t written, it isn’t true.

Yeah, I can hear the ‘new generation’ railing and whining.

Let’s not turn this into a science lesson… write out your schedule weekly, same day, for the upcoming week.


Techno addicts who think you’re new-school, get over yourself, OK.   Just write the damn weekly schedule down so you can measure yourself weekly.

We improve what we measure… and, as much as I love technology, you gotta simply trust this.  Write it down.

Winning in MLM is really simple

Determine the hours you’ll be working your MLM

If it isn't written, it is not true
If it isn’t written, it is not true

This simple 80-10-10 works, it will make you money,

80% of your time contacting people who are not in your business about your business for yourself and/or teammates.

10% Improving

10% Gathering new peeps names and numbers & Administration, record keeping, etc.

Follow that, make money.

If you’re serious about learning how to create change so you do execute… because you’ve had trouble executing consistently, it’s probably time to understand Think and Grow Rich and up your skill level.   I mentioned this in the video.   You can hop on that Skill and Think and Grow Rich course right here.  We’ll get you a copy of the book, a workbook and push you for 14 weeks so you can not just make money with the skills… but you can Think, and, Grow Rich.

Happy New Year… You’ll be winning in MLM by using those 9 words before you plan for next year.

Which is tomorrow.

Do it now.

This, “do it now” phrase is the only motivational tool you’ll need, really,

Repeat is 25x aloud, twice a day, for 30 days.

Tomorrow is the new year, do it now!

keep giving to keep growing


Mark Januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
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