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Until we know it.

Sadly, for most people who try [there’s the first problem, try] MLM they quit before they really know what they are supposed to do.

I know.  I quit.

5 times.

I was doing GREAT at the stuff I was doing but it wasn’t the right stuff.

Does persistence matter?


Sorry all you ‘don’t quit, don’t ever quit’ devotees.

Doesn’t matter how hard we try if to make a pecan pie……

how much we don’t quit……

… determined we are ……or how enthusiastic we are….

Using Salt? Persistence Won't Help

If we are using Walnuts and Salt instead of Pecans and Karo, it just ain’t gonna happen.

Not quitting has nothing to do with winning.  It’s just not quitting.

Yeah, yeah…..I can hear all the Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn fans gnashing their teeth.

Have a party….with ‘Don’t Ever Quit,’ ….’Don’t Ever Give Up’…..and one of the dumbest MLM favorites….’You can’t fail never fail unless you quit.”

Good Grief.

Give me the proper recipe first… the platitudes.

Want The Directions or Speeches?


Steve Seigh and I tried MLM several times in the 1980s.

Mostly him sponsoring me.

Met him in my 20s, Jacksonville Beach, FL.

I taught him to sell Britannica.  He got damn good at it.  Top 10 producer.

We went through marriages together.

Fought, laughed, screamed and swore each other off more than once.

We loved each other.  Agreeing to never talk MLM again, things got better than ever between us.

He finally hit pay-dirt at Market America in the early 1990s.

Had the guts to call.  I hit pay dirt too.

And we laughed about all those wasted years in MLM.

All that ‘persistence’ wasted because we were doing it wrong.

Steve and Daughter Lisa

Steve got sick a few years back, passed away.  Left a wonderful business to his kids, Lisa now runs it and does a stunning job, $18,000 a month.

Steve loved telling me how ‘even a blind squirrel finds an acorn‘ once in a while.  We were both blind.

We’d sit for hours at conventions, people rolling on the floor …..he was a funny guy…..about how far off the beam were were …..until we knew the 3 key areas to focus on.


He actually considered getting a sandwich type board and standing at flea markets.

Sort of like people obsessed with leads and social media today.  If friends and relatives didn’t like what we had to say, why in the world would we think strangers will?  In a way, a sandwich board makes more sense….might at least get a ‘pity’ enrollment.

He Wasn't Kidding ~ Making It Even Funnier

He wanted it bad.

Then, he learned the 2 of the 3 keys to focus on.

He got to almost $10,000 a month….when he sucked up the courage and called me.

Told me about these 2 keys.

  1. Getting people to agree to look
  2. Getting people to actually show up who agree to look.
He was rough around the edges, heart of gold, but rough around the edges…..but….I knew… we all do….when we hear the ring of truth…..

How rough was he?<br>
Adorably rough….and that is what made him great.
  He was doing the right things, at least 2 of them….and that is what is so cool about MLM.

You don’t need to be perfect… just need to be focused on 3 things.

So I get started and together we figure out the 3rd thing…..that ‘duplication’ is a fairy tale.

We saw the big check cashers worked with their people, daily, who wanted to work.

Not on product knowledge, not on understanding the pay-plan…..not on relationships…..or leadership……none of that stuff needs work if you know what to do and show others.
The keys to the vault are…..
  1. Getting people to agree to look 80% of the time
  2. Getting them to show up, more people looking means more decisions.  More decisions?  More money.
  3. Teaching the ones who enroll the first 2 things hands on.

Duplication a fairy tale?
 Of course it is.
 Education, teaching skills that help people improve on the first 2 things leads to growth.


Want to call it duplication?

Have a party.   Don’t bother inviting me.  Coffee sometime?  Anytime.
  Party about duplication?  No thanks.

All we do when we preach duplication is set up new reps for discouragement.

Honestly.  Ever see anyone get 5 …….who got 5…….who got 5……who got 5?  Didn’t think so.

If we teach them education leads to growth……5 who get 3 who get 2 who get 7 feels [and is], like they’re succeeding.

If we told them, instead, it’s about duplication….they’d feel lousy, like it wasn’t going well.

All this comes down to some simple skills ……and over the years I’ve found some ways, even for ‘rough around the edges’  guys like Steve and myself to be able to get a ‘yes’ 80-95% of the time.


A lot of go90grow is stuff I discovered with my old friend Steve…..

Of all the things I learned from Steve and taught him…..[it was that kind of 2-way plus relationship]……is our discovery that nothing was more important than the first 90 days.

We’d get a new rep in and double team them….doing a ‘Noah’s Ark’ with them……40 days and 40 nights.

Pal, I miss ya…..and you were right, ahead of your time sort of…..
Grow it fast, in 90 days for your new peeps, and they’ll stay strong and stay with you.
It’s really the inspiration for go90grow…..and in today’s mirco-wave addiction, those 90 days just  got a whole lot more important.

mark januszewski




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