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If you’re one of our regular visitors you already know time management is a colossal waste of time…if you’re a first time visitor, you’ll find this blog will challenge you…welcome…you didn’t want to read another blog about how wonderful MLM is did you? 🙂

So why do I have a post about time?

Let’s get right to it



Just in the mint baby, just in the mint.

The rest of us earn it.

How do we earn it?



Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance.

So do you?


Do you know how many times you need to read something or repeat it aloud so you have it mastered?

Do you practice everyday?

Why not?

See, this is bigger than we can think…people join you, not the company.

People join you, not the marketing plan.

People join you, not the product.

Practicing builds confidence….confidence is a by-product of practicing the skills in the money making areas.

The bridge to skill?  Practice
The bridge to skill? Practice

Skills are a by-product of knowledge.

So practice, apply, observe and get better by continuing to practice, applying, observing and more practice.

The cool thing is we can do it in the shower, car while commuting, heading to and from the can…it’s only a couple sentences.

Pay the price of success now….by earning it via perfect, persistent practice…..and people will “sense” your confidence and your success rate will rise.

Here’s the 54 second presentation.…so you can get people to ask you for a presentation and explain it all in under a minute.

Wat’cha gonna do next?

What would the winner within do next?

Yeah, I know, I’ve been pushing lately…hate me now for that…while you practice and apply…’ll love the results.

keep giving to keep growing


mark j

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post



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