MLM Training seems to be big business these days.   I’m going to spare you my rant at companies… well, maybe a little rant.  How can these founders get on stage and tell the audiences they “love” them… and then provide no training nor protection from the con artists out there?   OK, enough… it’s a post of another time.   Let’s face it… a first-year business major knows duplication without standardization is a fairy tale.

MLM Training

By early 1994 I had begun to question the results and promises.

If it was so easy… like the company said, [they all say that], how come less than 1% were making over $4500 a month?

Something was wrong.  I didn’t know a whole lot but I was ignorant either.  I was in the top 50 earners, having passed $5000 a month, barely.

mlm training
Duplication is caught, not taught.

And, quite candidly, that company had it “right”… no outside training.  Just their own “certified trainers” all teaching from the same outline.

But, still, under 1%?

So I started studying business for “duplication” and the only industry that I could see was getting “duplication” that was populated by independent owners, [entrepreneurs] was franchising.

Cut To The Chase 

I’ll spare you over 20 years of shameful misdirection and cut to the bottom line.  By 1996 I had inched to $10,000 plus in a 4-week pay cycle… now in the top 25 but even less than 1% making it.

I can see my check climbing but I know it will never have the strength and security that I want because the MLM Training isn’t producing the behaviors needed consistently to garner the results we all desire.

The results we all desire from great MLM training is … teams that build effective teams without you.

And, it’s not that some of them, more than enough matter of fact, don’t want it… they do.  It’s just not converting from Saturday Seminars and conference calls to the field.   For all the great speakers, passion, power and tools… duplication does not happen this way.

Bottom line, cut to the chase conclusion?  Duplication cannot be taught, it must be “caught”… but… how?

MLM Training From A 10-Year-Old 

So my daughter comes how from school one day… a kinda tom-boy at 10 years old.  She loved basketball… I asked her if she wanted to go shoot some hoops.

What happened next made me rich.  A lot of other people too. And, I can assure you…it works even better today.

Be Great At MLM Training

Here’s that 3-Deep-Pattern Skill… folks, it’s money.  And, no, it won’t lead you to a sale page.  All in you need is in this training to grow big, strong and deep.


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  • The 3 Deep pattern is “wicked”. I love it. It’s changed my life. God bless you. mark

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