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To succeed MLM you need MLM Training… just like a hairdresser, butcher or any profession. Learning and application of the lessons are the keys to the vault.  Unfortunately, our profession has fostered more con artists and less MLM Training than any other profession.

I see more nonsense and, consequently, more people spending time on social media training than actually building their businesses.  We touched on this in the last post, attraction marketing scams

MLM Training

The big con?  Leads.

Most people fall into one of two groups when they enroll.  Ignorance on fire, [that was me], and they talk to everyone. And, like me, burn through their warm list quickly… sort of.  We’ll circle back to that. The second group is the less assertive peeps who want to be earning money before they contact their warm list.  The results here are worse and forge bad habits faster than Superman and the speeding bullet.

Let’s deal with the second group first.  To avoid talking to friends and relatives they begin looking around online for solutions to their fear.  Of course, the con artists know this and have all kinds of ads and pages that promote the idea “you won’t have to bother your friends and relatives.”

Let’s blow that 3 way lie up.

Imagine you and I were friends and 12 months from now you found out I was making $15,000 a month.  Think you’d be glad I didn’t “bother” you?  Good grief. You’d be mad, really mad.

Anyway, what happens to this group is they start buying courses, playing around learning algorithms from people who are spending 10-20K a month advertising… and while all this is a waste of time and money, the rip-off pales in comparison to the time lost.  See, they KNOW you don’t want to make calls, [that is the work in net-work-marketing], to they bleed your credit card by leveraging your fear and inexperience.

The First Group

So you burned or are in the process of burning your warm market.  And you’re getting nervous as your list shrinks.  You’re calling back people for the 3rd or 4th time that are not returning your calls.  So “hot-pre-qualified-prospects” starts sounding good as you look for solutions.  And, if you don’t use a little common sense, you join the second

MLM Training
Follow me… I’ll show you how to get leads online.. visa or MC?


The social media time vampire starts eating more and more of your time… meaning less and less time on building your business.

Both groups inadvertently begin promoting these shysters … instead of their business.

What are they both missing?

Common sense and MLM Training.

The common sense thing?  If friends and relatives didn’t like what you had to say, what in the world would make us think strangers would like it any better?

The Right People

The biggest lie in networking?  You just have to find the right people.



Let’s say you’re in a health and nutrition deal.

Do people want to live longer and feel better or feel worse and die earlier?

Make more money or less money?

Pay the minimum in taxes or the max?

Have more time with the people they love the most or less?

If they succeed, they will feel better, probably live longer, make more, pay the minimum in taxes, and have more time.

So… where are the right people?  Duh, everywhere.

Once I got real MLM Training, I started getting a “yes” better than 90% of the time rejection free.  People were ready to buy and ready to join… they were ready to “buy” my next suggestion and “join” me in looking at the business with an open mind.

Quick MLM Training

The main thing.  The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. The main thing?  Talking to people about your business for yourself and/or teammates who are not in your business.  Schedule 80% of your workweek on the Main Thing and do it first.

Embrace the idea that the right people are everywhere and you are simply using the wrong words in the first 30 seconds.


Same thought expressed 2 different ways.  Which one gets the guy a kiss… which one gets him a night on the couch?

  1. Honey, when I look in your eyes, time stands still.
  2. Honey, your face could stop a clock

Here’s an easy skill, [real MLM Training] that will get you a “yes” rejection free and eliminate the need for leads.  Click here

Last time I posted that skill, my favorite and easiest, less than 10% grabbed it.  The ones that went through it are getting massive results… do the work, ok?

The bottom line to wealth is also the fastest and cheapest way… warm list to warm list couple with MLM training.

Here are my mentors, earning over $140,000,000… warm-list-to-warm-list… and if you’re a winner, you’ll love this and these 24 MLM Training Lessons


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