In trying to be helpful, many of us get eaten alive by the time vampires.

You’re on a 3-way helping someone and a rep calls in, wanting to get you on the phone with a hot prospect tomorrow.

You call them back.  Answering machine. GRRRR.

They call you back and get your back up voice mail.

Finally, you hook up.

10-15 minutes, being friendly with each other…

Total time with the callbacks, answering machines, and small talk?  20, 25 minutes?

Times 10 reps?

250 minutes.

No wonder your personal recruiting suffers, which, by the way, is the sole reason for ‘team slumps.’  Everybody knows if we don’t keep our oars in the water, they don’t.

And since you’re a nice guy or nice gal, you’ll short your recruiting time to help your team, knowing, somewhere in the back of your mind it is a mistake.  And mistakes with our teams are just too damn expensive.

Found an awesome solution for time management with your team.

Here’s the tool, and like I said in the video, not an affiliate site.   Just a great solution to the ‘time vampire’ problem I mentioned above and several others.

You’ll love it and can get a 30-day free trial. Click here

Very cool.  Couple this tool with some free network marketing skills and 2012 will be a home run.

Oh, yeah.  Check back here often.  Two great posts coming about December and how to set up 2012.  There is a trick to December and whether you want to believe it or not…what you do in December will have more effect on 2012 than most people want to admit.  And yes, this week the two skills I’ve never released outside my group about the real secret to duplication.


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  • Like it! Downloaded the trial, unfortunately does not have a droid app (hopefully soon). Still can be used with Outlook calendar.

    I love talking – but it is a time vampire. Great information as usual.

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