MLM Team Building may have more books, videos, and powerpoints than any other subject.  And most of them are pretty bad.  The rest?  Worse for the most part.

This is really heartbreaking because most people don’t realize this is the actual target of your business. It’s the objective.  Do you know it?

In this ongoing series about the roots of our good fortune in network marketing, we’re looking at the people who took the time, free, to help me.

Dennis Franks and his longtime friend Vince Papale is one of the “Dynamite Dozen”. [The 12 who had the greatest impact on us, our lives and our MLM… and they are each “poem worthy” ]

MLM Team Building
Dennis was undersized but Captain of Superbowl Eagles, Vince walk-on

MLM Team Building? Even Check Cashers Don’t Know

Are you kidding me?  Nope.  Saddest experience I’ve had is people being so close yet missing the point entirely.

We hear…

  • “no “I” in team”
  • Together Everyone Achieves More”
  • Teamwork makes the dream work

But… [huge word sometimes]… but, they just don’t get it.

The objective of a network marketing business that earns great checks and keeps growing is… drum roll… Teams that effective teams without you.

Dennis Franks taught me this back in the mid-90s… and he did a lot more for my career.

I had had some success in sales but not on networking.  Joined Market America in the early 1990’s and while it was working a little, it was a struggle.

Anyway, I knew of Dennis but did not know him.  He flew into Boston, [early days of Market America], to do a couple of meetings.  One was at Fenway Park, in the business offices.  The other at a hotel near Logan Airport.  I was crushed [grew up hustling papers are Fenway Park, scalped tickets for close to 20 years]… when myself and several others were “uninvited” by the top earner to the earlier-in-the-day Fenway Park meeting.  Truth is the space wasn’t available and I did get over it. LOL.

So I got to show the “plan” at the hotel after the Fenway Park meeting.  I crushed it.  Dennis approached me post-meeting, said many kind things, and proceeded to get me to become a certified trainer.

And, he started to council me.  Told me quotes about team-building won’t build teams.  Showed me how.


Couple of years later, Dennis, who was head of training at the time for Market America… picked me as the Trainer of the Year.

I loved speaking

I really loved speaking and getting paid.

Dennis’ helping hand put me in demand.. a bit more coaching and studying this stage master [he’s got style, class, humor and can he dance… wow]… I got better and better.  Doing the maximum of 26 Super Saturdays a year … was great.  Then, at a convention, I got to meet his good friend Vince Papale… who was the emcee.


When I decided to move on from building at Market America [and no longer struggling] … 2 wonderful things happened.  They kept paying me from 1999 to 2010…nice and Dennis continued to help, coach and encourage me.  And over the years, he gave me the key to the vault.


MLM team building
Reading it was fun but doing it? More dreams manifest, thanks guys

He kept working. What he lived for me, [which is stronger than an example], was a helping hand coupled with a killer work ethic.  While I trusted and believed in Dennis, it was watching him get better and better and better… that kind of “better” that can only come from work.   The kind of work, [like Papale if you saw the movie Invincible], that begins before others arrive and ceases long after others have left.

I could see the practice… the tweaks but mostly I could see the dedication

So when Vince and Dennis came out with the book, The Last Laugh, Vision to Victory, I had to have it.  And it did 2 things… brought me back to 2 things.  1] Work ethic 2] Insight.

And there is was… the next step in my dream.

Following Dennis’s coaching again and hitting the next level in the new dream here on Kauai, HI

Not hard to see why he was Captain despite being undersized and Papale?  Fuggatabowtit… desire and dedication to team earned a new reality for both these winners.

And it just doesn’t end.


Having Dennis check in over the years, [I left in 1999], is the kind of class and kindness that you just cannot fake.  I believe our conception of good to great professional football players is not compassion, help and kindness.  Turns out I was wrong and Dennis has a major hand in our dreams that came true but a bigger place in our hearts.   He not only taught me the target, teams that build teams without me… he showed me how to do it.  It made us wealthy.

But here’s the lead to the Grantland Rice poem that IS Dennis Franks… that IS Vince Papale.

mlm team building
Champions do the work

That night at the airport I really studied Dennis and each time after that, mostly at Market America’s fabulous events.  And each time, I saw him get better, better and yet better.

See, one of the reasons I am writing 25 of these over 50 days is so you’ll figure out you don’t need gurus, secrets and tricks to build a huge business.

How did a walk-on like Vince make it?  How did an undersized Dennis Franks make it to Captain and a Super Bowl?

What makes them champions that they truly are?

In addition to the generosity, champions tend to have, Grantland Rice explains it perfectly.

“How to Be a Champion”

By Grantland Rice

You Wonder How They Do It,
You Look to See the Knack,
You Watch the Foot in Action,
Or the Shoulder or the Back.
But When You Spot the Answer
Where the Higher Glamours Lurk,
You’ll Find in Moving Higher
Up the Laurel-Covered Spire,
That Most of It Is Practice,
And the Rest of It Is Work.

“Do the work, see you on stage at the next event” was how Dennis moved me to do things now.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

PS… The 12 short videos are how I took what

Dennis taught me and learned to recruit rejection

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