9 words to MLM success.

Well begun is half done…”

Our Moms and Dads were right… I’m sure they pounded that into your brain.


And so am I.   Took me a long time practicing Think and Grow Rich to fully understand that a “positive mental attitude” is way, way more than pithy quotes from the motivational crowd.    And that is a big, big point in here.

To not plan for 2016, now, is really a plan.   A plan to fail.   What over 25 years has taught me about planning is that without the correct mindset going in, the plan you create has little chance of sticking, let alone working.

To sit and reflect over our performance is a suicide run for most of us, attitude wise.   It was for me.   It was for honest teammates.   Just knew we should have done better… this is the wrong way to start and dooms progress.

In early 1995 we stumbled across these 9 words and BAM… everything changed.  We were able to build plans for the new year, each year, that led to brilliant plans and record-setting performances.  Every year.




Winners will take the suggestion in the video.

You know it is a good idea, yes?

Act on it.

The great news about network marketing is that it simply is not that complicated.   We’re not running a 550 room resort, a butcher shop or a tire joint.   We increase the MDC and improve our network marketing skills and everything changes.   Simple.

MDCs?   Minimum daily contacts.   These would be people not in the business that we are contacting about our business for ourselves or our teammates.

So?   What are the 1 or 2 things?

And, if you would, list at least 5 things you did right.  Don’t make this complicated.   Remember what we are after here, a great mindset and honesty about where we can improve.

The list of “did right” could be:

  1. Stayed on autoship
  2. Attended national convention
  3. Use the product
  4. Went through getting started training
  5. Return teammates calls

OK… it’s on you.   You let us know where you want to improve in 2016 and we’ll get you started with that improvement.   Don’t you feel a little sorry for people who will make a “resolution” beginning January 2nd?

Imagine identifying those one or two areas and improving BEFORE 2016?

Now that’s a plan.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

MLM Success in 2016? Start With These 9 Words
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