MLM success is simple… if you reclaim your common sense and really study the winners in any endeavor.

WAKE UP CALL – MLM success is simple

The absurd obsession of want-to-be successful MLMers with social media and the dozens of con artists and bottom- feeders who are all too willing to sell them “secrets” has led the seriously motivated individual far astray.

Consider this a wake-up call.

Social media, just so you know, is great in building brand recognition and, FACT, directly accounts for, about 7% of sales.  The big boys, and no, I’m not talking about online marketers… I mean the BIG NAME pizza palaces, retailers and chains, use it to generate brand recognition.

It will not build an MLM… BUT… it does allow people to BELIEVE they are actually working their business, (think again), and avoid the actual wonderful work it takes to win- talking to people.

MLM success is simple and far easier than it has ever been because of the tremendous number of people mired in the momentum social media.  What does that mean?  It means while people spend bucks on membership sites and courses about social media… they are also spending their time doing anything but talking to people.  So easy when the majority of the competition takes itself out of the game.

MLM success is simple
Lisa talks to people … what a concept

Good example an old pal from Boston, Lisa Rosanio, who never did much in a couple of MLM deals with her husband Billy.  Billy is the #1 Exit Realty rep and this couple knows success.   Lisa and I spent a few days together, she wanted to know a couple of skills because she was going to make a commitment.  Shared 2 skills with her, told her to practice.  She did.  She’s enrolled 25 people in 60 days and her group just passed over the 100 mark.

Asked her about it yesterday, how it was happening… she said, MLM success is simple, you just have to talk to people.  Lisa isn’t big on social media and she suggested I do a post based on the conversation we had in September.

I had told her then MLM success is simple if you just learn, practice and apply a couple of skills.  It all came down, I said, to learning from my idol, where that line is between good and great…

How does someone go from good to great?



Doc Made MLM Success Simple

Dedication led to moments of perfection.   MLM is so forgiving you don’t need to be perfect very often, if at all.  Roy Halladay was only perfect once, but he was damn excellent for over a decade.  Going to the Hall of Fame.  So can you…

MLM Success Is Simple
Doc; Glory is earned via dedication

If you will learn and master a couple of skills, just like Lisa has… and both practice and then apply those skills by talking to people.  4 or more every day.

Next day? Practice and talk to 4 or more people.

Next day?  Practice and talk to 4 or more people.

So many have said so many wonderful things to us and about us… and while those words of kindness and endorsement are great, the truth is all we have is about 70% practice and the rest of it is work.  Even up to 2010, I dedicated myself in practice daily… in the shower, the gym… never during times I could talk to people but I mean, like Roy “Doc” Halladay, every-single-day.

Yes, I did name my dog Doc and the “wisdom” in the fable I wrote was named Doc.  There is a reason for that. I learned from Roy what real dedication is and it made a difference in the lives of people I care about.

So what’s it gonna be?   Learn these 2 skills and practice daily then apply daily or screw around with social media in the hopes of finding someone who actually is dedicated?   Here you go… 2 skills that will earn money for those who dedicate themselves to the marvelous profession we’ve stumbled into.

I’d love to hear from you below and hear how you feel about the 4 Ds…


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker 

MLM Success is simple
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