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Everybody says they want MLM success and state regularly they’ll do “whatever it takes” to get it.   They listen to conference calls, motivational recordings and, of course, surf the web… endlessly in search of the missing link.


For some reason we all lose our common sense when we enroll… so let’s begin right there.  Like so many in search of MLM success, I believed the nonsense that our business is somehow different than all other businesses on the planet.  Fortunately for me, I had a good friend and mega-successful mentor {not in MLM) who agreed to come to a few meetings and trainings to help me out.

After just 3 of 5 meetings we were going to attend, he put an end to it saying, “I don’t need to see anymore.  You should be ashamed of yourself, Mark.   You’ve been trained by the best in the world, use your common sense.”

That day the illusion ended for me that MLM was “different” and I went back to W. Clement Stone’s book, “The Success System That Never Fails.”

My friend, Ronnie V, had a few other choice words for me that day, a little too dicey for this blog.   He reminded me, with a barrage of expletives, that only a moron would believe a different way to pay commissions would somehow make any business “unique” and getting back to basics about business would yield the MLM success that I sought.   It did.  It started with the most fundamental of all Mr. Stone’s points… “be prepared.”

Over the years I’ve reduced what Ronnie reminded me of to a couple of words; what I like to call the key factors in ANY business to get yourself prepared.



If we are not prepared with a couple of basic skills… the tools of a real professional in any business… one could easily make and win the argument that it is unethical to recruit.  I mean, really, how could anyone justify bringing someone in as a partner if we cannot prepare them to succeed?

MLM Success
Loose cannons lose money and quit

If we are not prepared then neither will new people we enroll and let’s face it… a group of enthusiastic, committed loose cannons who are not prepared are doomed.   Attrition skyrockets and we kid ourselves into believing “they didn’t want it bad enough.”   That’s no way to run any business.

Success in any business, MLM success depends on preparation and perspiration.  Practice has been a pet peeve of mine for better than two decades… I cannot figure out, for the life of me, how people believe they can earn a six-figure lifetime, willable to their children income, and never practice.

For over 20 years people have complimented me during Q & A’s about how clear, how great, how effective, I have been in recruiting … and I just shake my head.   I thank them but tell them they are hearing practice, not talent.  People have commented, hundreds of times, “I could never be that good, that quick on my feet…”  More head-shaking followed by more disagreement from me.

That is the second “spiration” I tell them… I practiced, put in the sweat equity while others looked for shortcuts.

So here are two skills, so you can get prepared.   Combine these two and MLM success will chase you.  Of course, you need to practice but we’re talking about a few simple sentences so you can quickly create an effective dialog.

A word about practice… in the car, in the shower… never between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM.   We don’t practice when we could be talking to people about our business who are not in the business.  9-to-9 is prime time for talking to people about your biz.  So practice before 9 AM or after 9 PM.

Let me know if you’d like us to run a webcast, (as usual, nothing for sale before during or after), about list building and generating 5000+ local leads for zip…

MLM success
The pied pipers of prosperity rely on a lack of common sense

Sure hope you’re using common sense and know all that online magic is pied piper crap… and like I said in the video, if your friends and people you know did not like what you had to say, more people to talk to is not the issue. It’s what we are saying.

I mean, think about it… if everybody wants to pay less in taxes, make more money and have more time… and that is what you are offering… don’t you think the energy should go into learning why they say no?  Instead of criticizing their “open-mindedness?

MLM success really begins when we figure out blaming prospects and distributors is the #1 barrier to improving.

I mastered this little skill, presenting my biz in one minute and it got better than 90% to sit down and take a serious look with an open mind.   Check that, it’s not 100% true… I paid the price to master the skill (took about an hour to get competent) and did what I guess very few people were willing to do to experience MLM success… I practiced.


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MLM success
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