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Turning the word ‘impossible’ into “I – M – Possible” ….so that it is a knee jerk reaction to all negative thought and words……like

  • Impossible
  • Can’t
  • No Way
  • Retreat
  • Failure
  • No time
  • No money

Depends on a core philosophy… we don’t just talk it, we walk it.  Covered this in the previous post…..check it out if you haven’t so this piece and the next 6 posts help you grow.

Over the next 7 posts you’ll get a birds-eye view of exactly myself and The Fabulous Davene committed to.

I don’t mean we memorized it…..I mean we ate, sleep and drank it…..24-7 and taught it on our teams.

At it’s core is the proven, most effective  self-improvement document in history which the obvious exception, of course, of The Good Book.

We converted Think and Grow Rich into both a simple 7 part philosophy and 7 matching action steps that are easy, effective and productive.

So here’s part 1 …..



So the action step is really easy…..

Just print this out, fill one out with each of your reps and dedicate yourself to several.

Read them in the AM and PM as if they were yours because……they are.

It is here, within this action that you become a ‘go-giver’ and separate yourself from all those ‘go-getter’s.

The reality is you are moving from abundance with purpose, which is creative……instead of competing which is restrictive, fear driven and misses the point.

The point?

It is living with purpose and on purpose……instead of for volume, pin levels or checks.

Living with AND on purpose for the dreams of others is the first step.

Once you’ve got purpose, other people’s dreams,  all you need are the networking skills to help each one manifest their desires.

Everybody knows if we help others get what they want, we’ll get more than we need or can possibly imagine.

Nothing feels better nor builds more wealth than helping others hands on

Best part?  It feels GREAT.

Waking and going to sleep with purpose is a stunning state of mind.

Where does it come from?  Within.

How do we get there?

Learn the skills and help them.

If you don’t know, currently there are 3 skills videos posted for you.  Everybody knows we simply cannot teach what we do not know.

Here’s some more information from Hill’s Think and Grow Rich that will help you help others….

So, wondering what the ‘I’ stands for in G-I-R-A-F-F-E?

A 24 pound heart and a neck always stuck out…..

Give 100% to the dreams of others means throw your entire heart at their dreams with action, not words.

Go ahead, stick your neck out….for someone else.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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