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It’s a pretty ugly thing…..the ‘sponsor more trap.  It really is.

Groups not growing?

Sponsor more!

Check not big enough?

Sponsor more!

Want to get to ‘the next level’? [Gawd, do I hate that ‘next level’ crap]

Sponsor more!

Of course when we factor in the absurd pitches from the tool peddlers…..

  • “sponsor 10-20 per month” books
  • “sponsor 2 a day!” systems
  • “special webcast from someone who’s sponsored 129 a month!!

We can get sucked into this trap….of sponsor more.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…..if you don’t LOVE irony, get out of network marketing…

The truth is we do need to sponsor people……but the reason we sponsor them, if we are effective… so we DON’T have to keep sponsoring…..

It's Hands on Help, 3 or More Levels Deep

We help them…..sponsor… teaching them what to do……HANDS ON

Then we teach them to teach others how to sponsor …..HANDS ON

Then we teach them HOW to teach others HOW to teach…..HANDS ON

When we do this successfully…..we’re sponsoring a few folks but far more people are enrolling …….

Duplication is just a 4 syllable word for copy…. but if we don’t know ‘how to’ coach them effectively….we can fall into the ‘sponsor more’ trap.

IRONY?  The objective is to help others learn to sponsor and teach it……yet if it’s not going fast enough…..[usually upline pressure….pushing us for numbers but God forbid they should work in the downline, good grief] ….we need to sponsor more….leaving less time to teach…..meaning more failures….meaning…..drum roll please…..SPONSOR MORE!!

The real problem is no one ever stuck in this ‘sponsor more’ mindset can figure out……it’s not the people we’re enrolling who are not performing…’s the poor coaching.

Ironic, eh?  We’ve got to keep sponsoring lots of people to make it because no one is producing……we think THEY are the problem!  So we repeat the process….of NEGLECTING people we enroll…..because we have to sponsor more!

Then……then…..we say we’re not getting duplication!   🙂

Last week I did a post about this, being a better coach……and taking personal responsibility for the outcome of people we enrolled instead of doing what uplines have done for years….blame the new people….weren’t coach-able, it wasn’t for them, blah, blah, blah…


Once The Fabulous Davene and myself decided to take responsibility for the outcome of new people…..and not blame them……it was one-eye-popping discovery after another…..and one-eye-popping check after another soon followed.

The BIG Money? Effective Coaching

We found out how people learn….and developed, defined then refined a very effective coaching plan…..

……..we ran a webcast last week. about being a better coach…….and a lot of you have asked ……was it recorded?

Yes…..and it’s right here…and it will be up for a week or two.

NO!  It is not a sales page, you don’t have to opt in…..and please feel free to share it.

A lot of folks who missed the Go90Grow course or were unsure about it…..loved this webcast…’s a fraction of what Go90Grow members learn, apply and succeed with.

It’s all about networking skills…..and once you know how to get someone to tell you they want to make calls instead of the other way around [you telling them]……everything changes.

This webcast shows you how to do that…..

You’ll probably want this document once you view the webcast… here to get it free

The information you need to gain influence, once you view the webcast, is here….


A lot of folks did not get on the webcast……and missed out on Go90Grow last time we offered it.

Got a cute email…..told me to stop ‘capping’ this stuff…..only allowing a certain amount in to a webcast or Go90Grow membership…..made be laugh because he wrote; “It’s like you’re proud that you are the World’s Laziest Networker.  I think you limit these things so you won’t have to work so hard.  I heard you say ‘it’s never crowded on the extra mile’  Here’s my question.: How would you know?  Obviously, you’re never there”

Loved it.  Very creative.

So you and my ‘extra-miler’ friend don’t miss the next session…..which runs in 3 weeks….get on this early notification list.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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