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Persuasion is using the right combination of words and verbal tricks to assert your will.

Basically, it’s forcing your will so you can get what you want from other people.   People who focus on being persuasive (copying what’s been taught in network marketing for generations) are trying to find the words to be interesting and compelling so prospects will see the world they way they see it.

If we’re being honest, it would be pretty easy to make the case that it’s unethical.   Using fear of loss and pain to manipulate people into joining is old news.

MLM Success In Sponsoring Is Simple

CELEBRATE if you are frozen when it comes to making calls and screwing around with social media, conference calls, and gurus all the while secretly feeling guilty for not picking up the phone!

Why celebrate?

It means your ethics are intact.  You are not a phone chicken and you don’t want to be manipulative for personal gain.

When we feel good… when we are being transparent… we pick up the phone.

You may not have connected those dots but the truth is you don’t want to lie, manipulate and coerce your fellow man with fear.   Your moral compass is spot-on and you should feel great about that, not be feeling bad about not picking up the phone.

In the mid-90s I discovered the key to the vault and talking to people became easy.  Sponsoring became even easier.

If you’re not picking up the phone, start by celebrating your ethics as you view this and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about doing the right thing



If you’re like most people, you’ll feel relieved about having not attacked the phone… and learning a simple skill, “The Prospect Presents” is probably something you want more details about.

The Prospect Presents?

Imagine how easy sponsoring would become (and it does) if the prospect presented to you why they should look at the business   If the prospect told you what they wanted.  If the prospect told you how it would make them feel to get the improvements in life they covet.

Here is the really interesting part… this simple, transparent method is around 4000 years old, at least 4000 years old.

The irony?

Every book, every movie, every bible metaphor… every play, short story, every TV show, every video game that you have ever watched, read, heard or played has this simple truth within it.  Every single one.

Why is that important?

It takes no time to learn once it gets pointed out to you!   The network marketing skill set we built around Diane Vreeland’s brilliance about giving people what they don’t know they want yet… and this 4000-year-old truth known as The Hero’s Journey is easy to learn and apply.   You see, you’ve been hearing it since you were 3-4 years old and Mom and Dad read you nighttime stories.

We’ll be sharing that series shortly, around the 20th of October in a 3 part video series, Go90Grow© but you can get it a week earlier if you’d like by opting-in here.


keep giving to keep growing


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Mahalo for Sharing This Post


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