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People are always looking for a shortcut or, worse, a “secret” to success.

And, needless to say the inter-webbie-thing is loaded with clowns, self anointed gurus and bottom feeders all to happy to take their money.

Folks, there are no secrets.

No magic systems.

No fabulous funnel that changes the game and makes you rich.

No software for Facebook or Linkedin, whatever, that will build your business.

We get asked all the time… for that “secret” and my answer is always the same.

“Success begins in your mind.”

Now I’m not talking about some bullshit, pump-up motivational stuff.

It starts in the mind
It starts in the mind

See, the subconscious makes all the decisions and that means, (spoiler alert, bad news coming) your achievement level is set in stone before the ink is dry on your application.

The really bad news?   Most people think that listening to motivational stuff will “fix their attitude.”  Science proves this is not only false, but it’s also actually harmful.   The “internal blueprint” we carry, different for each of us, makes all our decisions.


How fast?

On average 7 seconds before the conscious mind knows… the conscious only THINKS it’s in control.

Write this down…  “mind is cause, results are effects”

If we do not alter the cause, the blueprint, nothing will change, not really.

The good news?

My suffering ended in the mid-90s…  learned how, with hard work, to alter the blueprint.

Your blueprint calls all the shots
Your blueprint calls all the shots

Anyone that tells you they can help you in a weekend or with a CD series is a liar.  Period.

So once a year we run a course… don’t worry, not pitch coming at you… you CANNOT buy this course, it’s all done via scholarship.

And, it doesn’t start until the end of September… but we want you to really listen to two things here… so come September it will be easy for you to decide if you want to take one of the limited spots.

And, for the record, the spots really are limited as all our members get hands-on, live support for six months.  Also free.

Listen to Andrew Fenwick….a graduate of the Master Key Experience…to see how his blueprint has changed and the confidence he now has… and what he is doing!    It is more about what he is not saying… quiet confidence, knows what he wants and he is getting it done.


Success starts in the mind… Like Andrew’s quiet determination, his success is in his mind first… then listen to this… to learn more about how it all works for people.

I met Richard Bliss Brooke through Big Al… and he and his beautiful wife, Kimmy, visited us here in Kauai.

Did interviews with them, from our lanai.


But the bigger gift was getting to know them over lunch… anyway, got a call from them and Richard had a ton of questions about the Master Key Experience.

Listen so you can learn how to get the early notification, take the mental diet and, through the scholarship you’ll get, alter your blueprint.  We appreciate all the questions about the Master Key Experience… Keep them coming.

September will be here in the blink of an eye.   This should answer a lot of questions and, we hope, raise some new ones, enjoy

Keep giving to keep growing
mark januszewski


Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
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