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Is there really a MLM shortcut?  Yes and no.

Let’s face it, most “shortcuts” are expensive time-wasters and there are a

MLM shortcut
Save your money, there are no secrets or magic social media funnels

palethera of pied-pipers peddling shortcuts and Social media “secrets” you can throw your money away on.


We’ve been blessed to earn 6-figure incomes in 6 different industries and the only reliable short-cut I’d ever found is working the right things right… until I found network marketing.  I found an MLM shortcut that paid huge dividends over and over and over.

There is an MLM shortcut but it warrants an asterisk.  This should explain why I wrote “yes and no” to their being an MLM shortcut to success.  Should look like this I guess… MLM shortcut* to success.



I know what your thinking, most likely.  You’ve heard it a million times from your company and leaders, right?  “Leaders are born at events!”

And you went.

Or you watched others who went.

And not much really happened.

I remember being told, “you’ll get 50 to 100 new reps within six months for each person you get to the event.”

And, like me, it never happened.

So are they, events, an MLM shortcut?

Time to let you know what the asterick means…


I am just blown away on two levels.

First, our readers, people like you, have driven us into the top 10 world-wide for MLM blogs.  Since we don’t advertise, it’s all a result of readers sharing this site with teammates and competitors… so they can learn MLM skills.  #Grateful

Second, the number of kind cards, emails and texts thanking us for doing trainings and not pitching.  I think they’ve got it wrong; we want to be thanking you … which is why this webcast and workbook will have nothing for sale.  It’s our way of saying, “Mahalo”, [thank you here on Kauai] for spreading the word.

OK, let’s do this.  Let’s get you the *asterick* on MLM shortcut solved.   Hop on and you’ll not only learn “how” leaders are born at events… you’ll be able to impliment this method instantly.   Folks who been to our webcasts are always stunned at the content, so make sure you grab the workbook so you can abosrb instead of writing for the entire webcast.

You can get the workbook and register for this live webcast; PDF workbook and Webcast


keep giving to keep growing


mark j

world’s laziest networker



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