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A Multilevel Marketing Rising Star Uses Skills To Succeed

Network marketing is not the “different” business and all it really takes are skills to succeed, just like any other business.

The truth is for decades people want to believe and want other people to believe that, somehow, #MLM is “different”… that it is “unique.”


Maybe we are just scared when we join and somehow believing that what we are doing is unique or at least different than any other business gives us an advantage.   Add to that the fact that virtually every company believes – or a least wants their distributors to believe – that the PRODUCT and the PLAN are unique, patented and so special that it eliminates all business challenges.

This, of course, is wishful thinking at best and delusional at worst.

skills to succeed
Hope and hype won’t get it done

No matter, it’s a fairy tale to believe what we have is so special, unique and different that we are EXEMPT from reasonable and responsible business practices.

All business, all meaning 100% of all businesses, have a traction point and the more successful businesses versus their struggling competitors have three things in common.

What drives the business?

Traction point!

ONE: They identify the traction point.

TWO: They learn the skills to drive the traction point.

THREE: They continue to improve the skills to succeed.

I recently met a stay-at-home Mom, Sarah Dooley, who is growing.  I don’t know about you but in my early struggles in MLM, while I was learning the skills to succeed, I just could not identify with paid, big-time motivational speakers and $100,000 a month earners.

They seemed nice enough, tried hard and meant well, even the one’s pitching their tools… but there was a disconnect.  I needed to hear from people who I could identify with… dedicated people who had overcome their struggles but it was still fresh enough in their minds…

Sarah lives on Kauai and I invited her down to our home. What happened next during a conversation blew me away.  She turned out to be so special, had done something BEFORE beginning to build her MLM.  I asked her if she’d do an interview.   I normally wouldn’t “guide” your thinking here but she was so humble and unassuming, I feel compelled to point a couple things out so you don’t miss them.

Notice the sequence of her dream in relation to the business.  And, the bigger point for all frustrated MLMers seeking the skills to succeed, what turned the trick and transformed Sarah’s efforts into growth, consistent growth.




The difference between Colorcode profiles and everything else, many excellent, it that it tests for core motive.  What Sarah is doing is taking the primary skills to succeed and bringing them to an entirely different level.   She’s learned and mastered the simple idea that getting people in, once you know the skills, is the easy part.  Getting them up, running and in profit is the big money…

Everybody knows it’s all about relationships but does anyone tell you, exactly what to do, to instantly improve relationships?   That’s what she took away as the biggest skill to succeed from Go90Grow©

Here’s a link so you can get your “color” [it’s free], and let me know down below if you’d like to attend a webcast so you can learn what Sarah is using to crush her business.

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