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Mark Twain said, “Common sense isn’t so common.

Wifey, The Fabulous Davene, figured out way back in 1997 that as soon as we enroll in a network marketing company, any common sense we may have had does a David Copperfield and vanishes.

"It's a pyramid!"
“It’s a pyramid!”

She’s right (and no, I’m not agreeing because I know a happy wife is a happy life).

Recently I was working with a group, a conference call training for a team of frustrated MLMers.

Claimed Michigan was “infected” because of Amway 30 years ago.  (Speaking of Amway, I’ve grown weary of people knocking them.  If it wasn’t for Richie DeVos I wouldn’t be writing about MLM and you wouldn’t be in a company… because there wouldn’t be one.  Good grief.  Root for everybody… people and companies.  A rising tide raises all ships.)

Ok, the pyramid thing.   MLM Objections.

100% of all objections are never the real objection and once you know that, there is a very easy way to get the prospect to reveal the real objection, get the prospect to overcome it, enroll and thank you.

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Objections.   Most, if not all objections are a result of what we say or do.   Consequently, learning exactly what to say and do eliminates them.

Let’s be honest here.   You’ve heard all the “rebuttals” and you’ve used them.

They sound GREAT!

And, they don’t work.

You can listen to all the nonsense ways for all the “experts” and uplines… but really, honestly, have they made any difference?

Here’s the common sense thing…

Doesn’t it make more sense to eliminate them before they come up?

And what if you could do it around the “pyramid” thing so they had a completely different picture in their mind?

It’s just common sense… learn it and teach people to DTST


Invite to a meeting, let upline show it, collect the decision.



There are only 3 things in a prospects head.

  1. Can I make money?
  2. What would I have to do?
  3. Can I do it?

In a survey to over 10,000 people… less than 5% believe the plan, product and company (combined) have anything to do with their success.

And meetings and webcasts talk about those things for entire meetings.

That little demo you just saw led to 94% closing rate… on the spot.

It’s that high because the meetings we did spend time on those three things… not on plan, product or company.

And… most people make a decision to join when they show up if you know the skills that get them ready-to-buy and ready-to-join.

We’ve got a cool 3 part series coming up that will show you just that, how to close at the beginning. [early notification]

So stop drawing pyramids and focus on these 3 things and watch everything change… just like it has for that group in Michigan.

  1. Can I make money?
  2. What would I have to do?
  3. Can I do it?


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Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post


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